eMobility Training & Testing

Exclusive coaching services with a tailored approach that ensures you are able to meet the needs and specifications of the industry.


Comprehensive tutoring on Open Standards and their integration

Broad, expertise-based consulting including test-runs and products verification for EMSP and CPO operators

Event-storming sessions and discovery workshops on e-mobility products

Who can benefit from it?

eMobility startups and companies that:


require products validation before launching


aim to build eMobility expertise


look to enter new markets or expand current services


want to formalise their products requirements

Piotr Majecher

Piotr Majcher

eMobility team lead & CTO

Since 2018, he has been developing projects in the eMobility sector, among others, working on open standards to achieve great business flexibility. Seeing that the integration with the OCPP can be speeded up, he and the team spent time working on ready-to-integrate components. By gathering what we know, sharing the best insights and practices the team developed ready-to-integrate components OCPP Gateway and OCPP Virtual Charge Point.

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