Mobile application for EV drivers to improve the charging experience and POI data

APRIL 2022 - AUGUST 2022





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About the project

Mobile app for EV drivers with location, review and gamification features, as well as digital currency - Zeemcoins (Zero Emission Coins) with which users can pay for products and services. The app comes with a backend system for EMPs. First version is targeted at Spain, the future development expects European expansion.

EV charging app


Zeemcoin reached out to us with a venture of creating an app for EV drivers where they could share their experiences and thoughts about charging stations. As our company had a similar product this was adapted to the client's expectations, with a revised design.

The process started with the collection of requirements, then went through a design phase and, once agreed, moved on to implementation itself. The team working on the product consisted of an UX designer, backend and frontend developers and a project manager.

We have also connected with a third-party company that has information on charging stations - Eco Movement. In the future, there will be integration with an external wallet that allows Users to manage Zeemcoins. The mobile app is available on Android and IOS, for the time being only in Spain. The plan for it is to be available across the whole Europe.

Gathering requirements

Maintaining Backlog




Production deployment

Scope & highlights

4 team members

iOS development

Android development

Testing and production deployment

Our approach

Zeemcoin came to us with a very innovative approach for an EV charging app for the drivers. As much as it contains all the crucial features, the feedback and gamification functionalities are fairly new on the market. Not to mention the digital currency.

Even though we have used our EMP app as a basis, the final product for Zeemcoin stands out amongst other apps. By leaving a review, EV drivers can earn rewards in Zeemcoins - the digital currency with which users can pay for products and services. There is also a gamification element that allows you to track your earned Zeemcoins on the leaderboard and compare yourself to the other users.

With that, our major focus was to properly specify the elements that will make up the application in the first version. With a lot of ideas and brainstorming, we still stood the test of time and managed to complete the development in a timely manner. This is through the use of our ready-made components and practises such as: discussing all new features during the development phase to keep development costs as low as possible.


Innovative EMP app for EV drivers (with a backend system).


1place for users to share their experiences and get rewarded


1third-party connection


5months for the delivery


Solidstudio has shaped the idea of a unique project in the electric mobility industry, bringing to the market the first tokenized platform, giving its contribution to improve the electric charging experience in Europe. Solidstudio has given us the necessary support to bring the Zeemcoin project to the next level and always with the best quality of work and support. Together we joined the conventional charging point maps with a gamification model, earning as a reward our own cryptocurrency Zeemcoin Token.


Borja Moreno Candau, CEO

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