Mobile application allowing for the management of the innovative ZipChargeGo charger

JANUARY 2022 - APRIL 2022





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About the project

Mobile app (with the backend server) allowing to manage the ZipChargeGo - a portable energy storage and EV charging station. The MVP version allows to control the charging process, locate the device on a map and view the device status and charging history. The application integrates with the device via a backend server through OCPP.

mobile app


Zipcharge came to us with yet another great eMobility project. Zipcharge Go aka “power bank on wheels” is a revolutionary charging solution, allowing EV drivers to charge their cars via a compact, portable charger which resembles a suitcase. At our end was to make an app that would allow users to steer the device.

Our team worked in 2-week iterations, each ending with a progress walkthrough with our client. The initial phase of the project focused on defining the requirements for the MVP scope and the application architecture design. Then we started UX Research followed by UX workshops with the client. Based on the collected materials, we developed the information architecture and the proposal of user flows on clickable mockups (wireframes).

After the client accepted the mockups, the mobile development started. Simultaneously, we kicked off with the implementation of the backend. In the meantime, work was underway on the detailed UI design and then its implementation.

1 Project Manager

1 Tech Lead

1 Devops

2 Backend Developers

1 Mobile Developer

1 UX/UI designer

Scope & highlights

6 team members

UX/UI design

MVP app version with a backend system

OCPP connection

Our approach

The breakthrough moment for us and for the client was defining the app’s target group. As much as the initial assumptions reckoned this would be solely the EV drivers, upon client workshops and moodboard sessions, the concept changed. Namely, the product is more likely to be perceived as a smart home gadget, rather than just a portable EV charger. It completely changed the perception of what the application should be and how it was designed.

The biggest challenge was the integration with the device. Simultaneously to the implementation of the application, work was carried out on the construction of the first 2 prototypes of the device. The first working prototype was integrated with the application 2 months after the end of development, forcing us to be highly flexible at the moment of connecting with the hardware and to adapt the application quickly before the first media show.


Mobile app (with the backend server) allowing to manage the ZipChargeGo - a portable energy storage and EV charging station.

comprehensive app

1comprehensive app with a backend system


4months for delivery

OCPP connection

1 OCPP connection


Solidstudio are a highly professional partner, with a strong technical capability and focus on delivery. They are also highly reliable and a team you can trust. Solidstudio are uniquely positioned as a specialist partner for eMobility solutions. They have deep experience in this field and that helps to shortcut delivery of custom solutions built on proven architecture and standard protocols.


Jonathan Carrier, Co-founder

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