OCPI - OICP Adapter that allows a seamless connection to the Hubject’s platform

FEBRUARY 2022 - JUNE 2022





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About the project

OCPI - OICP Adapter that allows a seamless connection to the Hubject’s platform for CPOs that already implement OCPI protocol. The project included technical support for Hubject’s platform onboarding, managing the certification procedure and performing all the necessary data processes.

custom software development for ev charging


Hubject was looking for a software company that would take on board a daring task of connecting two distinctly different protocols - OCPI and OICP. Having a massive background in Open Standards, we’ve joined the project.

The process started with laying out the necessities required for the project’s kick-off. The whole process can be divided into two main parts. During the first part of the development 2 backend developers and a project manager were involved. The MVP workload was distributed to complete the below assignments:

  • Proof of Concept of OCPI-OICP translation layer
  • flows for sharing location
  • sessions and CDRs data
  • remote control

Second and final part was the MVP’s production phase. Here, with the work of 1 backend developer and a project manager the OCPI Implementation for CPOs was finalized along with:

  • completion of the translation layer
  • multitenancy support
  • extensibility mechanisms

2 Backend Developers

1 Project Manager

Scope & highlights

Backend Development and Project Management

Production Deployment

Java and AWS

OCPI-OICP translation layer

Our approach

With a project involving the connection of two different open protocols, many things need to be taken into account, including both - the technical side and the convenience for its end-users

During the development, we have focused all of our efforts on providing a fully OCPI-compliant API implementation. All the technical intricacies were moved into the Adapter so that new integrations could be as easy as possible.

Even with projects of such a high level of technology advance, we still ensure that all of it is done while still maintaining the key selling points of a particular product. That way it allows for custom requirements’ flexibility, security and scalability.


OCPI - OICP Adapter that allows a seamless connection to the Hubject’s platform, designed for Charge Point Operators already integrated with OCPI protocol.

1Complete adapter connecting two major protocols

5Months for delivery

1Production deployment


Working with Pawel and his team was a great experience for us, as Solidstudio is having a vast knowledge about the different eMobility protocols. This ensured a quick time to market for the solution we developed


Christian Hahn, CEO

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