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eMobility Consulting

Expert Guidance Through the EV Charging Digital Ecosystem

Have your own EV charging digital ecosystem mapped out!

With years of experience, our experts are ready to serve as invaluable consultants ready to help any eMobility-related company settle their place within the software ecosystem. Whether it’s creating solutions from scratch, implementing open standards or customizing existing products, we have covered it all and we’re now willing to share the knowledge.

Areas of Consultation

Our teams are ready to support and guide you through:


Open standards implementation & integration with hubs


Platform migrations for CPOs & eMSPs with extensive migration plans


Stakeholders mapping for CPOs and eMSPs


Choosing and adjusting the best EV charging software solutions


Establishing future roadmaps for product development based on an extensive features evaluation


Defining company requirements and most suitable business models

eMobility Consultation - what does it involve?

While we remain open to adjusting the process to the individual needs of our clients, the consultation usually consists of a few steps that allow both sides to fully understand each other.


Determining prime fields of interest, requirements, needs & wants and settling the knowledge around it


Expanding the understanding about eMobility ecosystem by covering areas that require most consultation and above that


Mapping out the best-fitted system for the client, based on the initial phases of consultation


Solution proposal - a ready-made piece establishing the best course of action for our clients that takes into account all their unique needs as well as the reality of EV charging ecosystem


Ongoing technical and business support

Our eMobility expertise

Throughout the years we had the opportunity to partner with numerous companies with an eMobility background. Whether big or small the projects, we’ve managed to gain a profound understanding of what are the nuances behind software for EV charging. Take a look at some of our projects:

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