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EV Charging Ecosystem for One of the First HPC Charging Networks Which Runs Entirely on OCPP 2.0.1

See how the unique mix of ready-made products and custom software development allowed our client to adjust the solution to their uncommon needs!


The project in a nutshell

The outcome of the collaboration was an ecosystem for digital charging including Charge Point Operator Platform, eMobility Service Provider application and customly developed software tailored to IECharge®’s unique needs.

In the project we used our off-the-shelf products: CPO platform and EMSP application. They have been greatly customised and enhanced to suit IECharge®  business and operational requirements. On top of that, we delivered a custom-built product - data repository - that allows IECharge®  to gather information from many 3rd party systems in a data lake.


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Client profile

IECharge® introduces itself as “the leading low-cost high power Charge Point Operator, expanding across Europe.” The IECharge® network focuses on enabling electric mobility in rural and suburban areas, while making high power electric charging accessible, affordable and available to everyone. Developed by NW (a French company specialising in the development of renewable energy and power storage projects), IECharge® charging stations are based on patented technology worldwide : „the alliance between high-performance storage and high power charging.” Each IECharge® station is connected to an electricity storage unit (JBox®). The energy stored in the batteries is then used to power electric vehicles, thus safeguarding the power grid as no power instability arises even when several cars are charging simultaneously.

ev charging mobile app


IECharge® faced the task of picking out the right provider to deliver a comprehensive charging network management software. While it’s an endeavor faced by most of the Charge Point Operators out there, IECharge® had additional factors to take under consideration.

To run their entire ecosystem (including other assets apart from the usual charging points), their decision-making process had to assess and review models that go beyond the readily-available EV charging management solutions. They needed a provider who could cover their principal requirements and implement unique features for the sake of further development and customization. This includes the connection with the internal systems managing the assets or adding innovative features like Autocharge.

With that bold vision in mind, they reached out to us to discuss our offering combining licensing a ready-made solution with custom development. Soon, it turned out we were a match.

Project phases and deliverables

IECharge® was another project where we got to make use of our ready-made products - CPO platform and EMSP app. Because of that, the delivery was split into two streams:


customized products delivery (EMSP app and CPMS)


building custom services

EMSP aplication


We delivered an EMSP application fully branded to reflect IECharge®’s label, that allows charging across the entire IECharge® charging network. Being built on the solid groundings of our existing application, all the fundamental features were delivered in no time and we could concentrate mostly on the aspects unique for IECharge®. Focusing on a seamless user experience, the app came with innovative, advanced features on top of the basal ones. These include:

  • Autocharge
  • Route Planner
  • Loyalty Programmes
CPO aplication

CPO Platform (Charge Point Management System)

Another product delivered was a CPO Platform that allows IECharge®  (among other features) to manage their charging network. With the delivery of IECharge®’s new CPMS, we’ve conducted an advanced charge points migration, where stations were all transposed from OCPP 1.6 to OCPP 2.0.1, making it one of the first networks fully operating on OCPP 2.0.1. The migration involved over 400 EVSEs.

In terms of CPO Platform itself, here we’ve also used our existing component, speeding up the delivery time. Aside from all the rudimentary features, the CPMS system we administered for IECharge®  included:

  • Autocharge
  • Cloud Payter Terminal support
  • Peer-to-peer connections with multiple EMSPs
  • Gireve connectivity
Custom development

Custom development

Custom products have been delivered via a dedicated development team that worked with IECharge®  on requirements gathering, backlog creation, implementation and testing. As a result, we have successfully launched a data repository and JBox®  integration.

Having in mind the scale on which IECharge®  operates on a daily basis (being the fastest-developing Charging Operator in France), we made sure that any customizations are carried in the most fitting way.

Key figures

key figures

Over 120 locations

key figures

Over 500 HPC EVSEs (320kW)

key figures

10 000+ charging sessions monthly

key figures

Migration of over 400 EVSEs from OCPP 1.6 to OCPP 2.0.1


Our approach

The greatest challenge was to adjust products and processes to sync with the pace of IECharge®. Key to success was a strong communication channel, coupled with an excellent feedback loop. With joint statuses and updates, we managed to bring to life one team with representatives from IECharge® and Solidstudio to manage the development process and products onboarding.


I have been working with Solidstudio team for the last last few years and I am constantly impressed with domain expertise and reliability of their engineers. I am also very happy about the agility of Solidstudio’s development teams and their solution-oriented thinking and clear & fast communication. The CPO platform and eMSP application are working well and are helping IECharge® to scale quickly without technical stepbacks.


Peter Van Praet

CEO of IECharge

EV Charging Ecosystem for One of the First HPC Charging Networks Which Runs Entirely on OCPP 2.0.1

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ev charging mobile app

Since 2007, NW has been developing innovative solutions making the energy transition accessible to all.
NW, the first French unicorn in the energy transition, is now the leader in electricity storage in France, with the JBox® distributed storage unit. NW is also a pioneer in the field of high-power charging, thanks to its IECharge® technology.
As a key player in the energy transition, NW relies on a patented technology that combines distributed storage with high-power charging stations. The Group is thus contributing to the development of renewable energies, particularly in rural and suburban areas.
Through these innovative solutions, NW aims to increase the share of low-carbon energy in the electricity mix, support the stability of the grid and contribute to the development of electric mobility in France and internationally.
NW is part of the French Tech Next40 program. It has also been awarded the "Solar Impulse" label.

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