Development of the business EMSP and CPO platform integrated with open standards

JANUARY 2021 - Present




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About the project

Biphasic development of two systems. EMSP platform for business customers with elaborate price lists and user grouping, as well as the process of integration with the existing CPO system via the OCPI 2.1.1 protocol. Additionally, participation in the development within the components of the principal platform.

true energy


True Energy needed expert support in developing their flagship e-mobility solutions. Firstly, with the creation of an eMSP platform designed for business customers, that includes the price list and the functionality of user grouping. Secondly, we worked on the seamless integration of the current CPO system via the OCPI 2.1.1 protocol.

During the collaboration, we also took part in the True Energy core platform’s development by building additional components. This includes:

- Communication with the car manufacturers' API (battery status data interpretation, charging start/stop)

- Management of charging stations (new charging stations add-ons, connection via OCPP)

Apart from the usual work, we had been also willingly helping in solving incoming problems with open standards, whenever a customer's team would come across some difficulties.

Open standards integration (OCPI 2.1.1, OCPP 1.6)

Biphasic platform’s development

Open standard problem solving

Scope & highlights

open standards integration

Open standards integration

EMSP and CPO platform development

EMSP and CPO platform development



Our approach

Being long-time e-mobility professionals, we always enter a new challenge with excitement. Starting off with a great deal of understanding as to what is needed and wanted, the work has been initially kicked off by one Lead Developer, only to be joined by a second one soon after.

Our e-mobility experts worked hard towards the seamless integration of open standards (used for the project: OCPI 2.1.1 & OCPP 1.6) and the overall platform’s establishment.

It was important for us to also support the client outside of the platform's development and so we also participated in work towards the overall e-mobility solutions, True Energy has to offer.


EMSP and CPO platform integrated with open standards


2.1.1OCPI integration


7months to deliver

EMSP platform

1EMSP platform for business customers and existing CPO integration


Serious approach with a 360 degree understand of needs from both technical and business perspective. Always a pleasure to work with.

True Energy

Jens Bruun Skifter, VP True Driver

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