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Radosław Dobrołęcki, Co-Founder @ Ave Mobility

What can we do to improve your e-mobility services?


Seamlessly integrate with open standards - OCPP, OCPI, OICP

We can offer ready-to-integrate components that will increase the efficiency of EV charging and connect to the leading open protocols or implement it to your CPO/EMSP platform


Develop a custom EMSP application and CPO platform

With experience on working for both sides - eMobility Service Providers or Charge Point Operators, we can deliver top notch, end-to-end products for your business


Provide you with e-mobility tech development experts with a massive experience

Well-grounded e-mobility expertise and wide technological knowledge base make our developers an invaluable contribution to your services


Develop smart charging solutions

Including Open Smart Charging Protocol integration, we can strengthen your position as innovative solutions provider


Conduct workshops and trainings

To verify your product, identify areas for improvement or help you better understand users’ interactions and meet their expectations, all based on years of experience

Our experts

Piotr Majcher photo
Piotr Majcher photo

Piotr Majcher

Co-founder, CTO


As a CTO, Piotr managed to lead a team of developers through EMP apps and CPO platforms development along with open standards integration. He also took on board a daring task of creating a suite of our own products using his massive eMobility tech experience.

Ave-mobility logo

Serving as an e-mobility expert, he managed to outline a scope of the application and introduced peer-to-peer connection to CPOs via OCPI. He then supervised the development and smooth release.


Being e-mobility leader in various projects across multiple startups, Piotr was responsible for OCPI and OCPP integration as well as EMP and CPO platforms development. With a wide expertise within the open standards field and e-mobility tech solutions, he led teams of experienced developers and contributed with invaluable knowledge and experience.

Krzysztof Ciombor photo
Krzysztof Ciombor photo

Krzysztof Ciombor

Senior Software Developer

As an experienced lead developer, Krzysztof had many opportunities to gain expertise within the e-mobility sector and eventually became open standards expert and trainer. Posing a remarkable contribution, he was also involved in gathering requirements through event storming sessions.

Lead software developer

3+ years of experience in e-mobility

Multiple OCPI and OCPP versions implemented in various CPO platforms

Bartłomiej Łazarczyk photo
Bartłomiej Łazarczyk photo

Bartłomiej Łazarczyk

Software Developer

Having a chance to work with well-established startups from the e-mobility sector, Bartek gained invaluable knowledge on the industry requirements. On his path, he was given the opportunity to work on numerous EMSP applications and CPO platforms.

Lead software developer

3 years of experience in e-mobility

Introduced Open Smart Charging Protocol

Led event storming sessions to identify business requirements

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Why choose Solidstudio?

With proven experience in adapting open standards and custom APIs, we partner companies in the process of integration between core components and external partners to unlock e-mobility possibilities.

We developed solutions on both sides - eMobility Service Providers and Charge Point Operators. Knowing the challenges that might be faced, we can help to smoothly accustom at any stage of development in order to unlock business processes. Knowing the value of time, we have developed tailor-made modules that can significantly boost the adaptation.

We are a member of the EVRoaming Foundation. Besides, we offer our extensive knowledge and experience in the area of e-mobility. With the business approach in mind, market recognition, and technical knowledge we can tailor solutions that will run smoothly.


Components created through experience - what we have learned and how we can nourish e-mobility development?

Creating a valid data model from the beginning

Late changes to the data model are time-consuming. MVP or initial versions of the software cover every basis needed. When the system does not require a sophisticated model of the charging infrastructure it may be enough to shape the whole charge point as a flat structure. Upon this simple model, more features can be built, till your range grows, and a need to open the platform using some open standard comes up.

This action requires developing mapping between the internal model and the one introduced by the standard. If the existing model does not support concepts (e.g. Location and Evse) and does not follow general standards, when it comes to the format of IDs, it may require plenty of work to perform such mapping.



While working for one of our partners, mapping their existing codebase to make it available for open standards, took several months for a team of developers. In fact, if the model would match the standard from the beginning, the integration would require just a simple action, and full integration would be possible within a few weeks.

Lesson learned:

The time for full integration can be significantly reduced (from a few months to a few weeks) thanks to the implementation of ready-made code linking the standard and the platform.


Creating an efficient architecture of the system from the start

Some aspects of system architecture are specific to the domain.
For example:
- deciding which processes are synchronous and which are asynchronous
- the decision whether or not some data must be immutable


General concepts, but taking into account these limitations from the very beginning helps to avoid making wrong decisions when designing and developing the e-mobility platform.


Knowing the details of adopted standards to customer needs

OCPI is defined as an open standard. In theory, everyone ought to introduce this standard in the same way.


OCPI is not always the norm. Hub Gireve, for example, extends this standard. Some components exist and are not part of the OCPI documentation. Some OCPI partners require a certain sequence of specific actions that are actually not part of the standard. It is worth knowing this upfront when designing the CPO/eMSP end system.


Bringing the domain knowledge

Having the domain knowledge within the development team allows participating in specific direct business conversations about e-mobility. We are familiar with general concepts, e-mobility background (CPO, eMSP/EMP, EVSE, eMI3 ID, OCPI, OICP, OCPP), different market approaches (public/private/fleet charge points), so we can immediately proceed directly with the specific business issues that are to be solved, rather than technical details (we already know them).


We have learned that getting to know a specific area takes time, but once explored, it allows us to catch common parts. The observations turned into concrete solutions are an improvement for the future.

What else can we offer?

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