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Vue.js application development

Vue.js is a progressive framework development team use to build unique and attractive user interfaces. Contrary to monolithic frameworks, Vue.js was designed to be incrementally adoptable, allowing teams to pick up the framework and integrate it with other libraries or existing projects easily.

Benefits of Vue.js:

  • Flexibility - you can use Vue.js in projects of a great difference in scale - from massive modular Single Page Applications to smaller, interactive elements you can integrate with your solution.
  • Speed - Vue.js offers developers some practical, effort-saving conventions that allow them to avoid writing boilerplate code and accelerate the development speed. Some of the conventions and built-in solutions include animations, components creation, and state management. Thanks to Vue.js, developers don’t need to reinvent the wheel.
  • Easy maintenance - once your app has been deployed and launched, you need to make sure that it’s bug-free and extend it with new features or improvements. Updating is easy with Vue.js as its updates allow maintaining as much backward compatibility as possible. Moreover, projects based on Vue.js won’t require refactoring quickly, helping teams to focus on other mission-critical tasks.
  • Powerful tools - developers like using Vue.js because it provides them with a wide range of tools that speed up the process and make it much more rewarding. Examples include vue-cli, Vue GUI, nuxt.js, Vue Storefront, Vuetify, and more.
  • Excellent documentation - Vue.js offers fantastic documentation that allows developers to easily explore the ins and outs of this powerful framework.
  • Small size, great in performance - Vue apps come in a smaller size, which means that they load faster, use less bandwidth, and are more performant than similar applications built with other frameworks.

Vue.js development services

So, what kind of solutions can you build with the help of Vue.js? Here are four of the most common applications of Vue.js on the market today.

Single Page Applications (SPA)

Use Vue.js to build lightweight and high-performing Single Page Applications that offer an optimal user experience.

Real-Time web apps

Vue.js also comes in handy for developing apps that require real-time functionality - for example, messengers and chat applications or cloud storage services.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps are light and offer a swift performance. You can use Vue.js to build a fantastic user interface that provides native app-like experience to users.

API integration services

Another common application of Vue.js is integrating an application’s current API with a Vue.js application. This is how you streamline the communication between frontend and backend.

Vue.js development company

When it comes to application development, size, and weight are crucial. The smaller and lighter your app is, the faster performance it delivers. Vie.js makes that possible thanks to its simplicity, scalability, and small size.

At SolidStudio Software House, we help our clients leverage the powers of Vue.js to build minimalistic, modern user interfaces that deliver an outstanding and memorable user experience.

Our teams have been developing apps using JavaScript and its frameworks such as Angular and React for many years. That’s why we adapted our technology stack to include Vue.js. From lightweight Single Page Applications to native-like Progressive Web Apps and web portals, our team has delivered projects of varying complexity. We write modular, robust, and secure code, which is easy to maintain to help our clients maximize the ROI from building applications.

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