OCPI Gateway

The component being Anti Corruption Layer between any CPO/eMSP system and any OCPI partner (hub and p2p partners).


Token-based security mechanism

Token-based security mechanism

OCPI 2.2 and 2.1.1 compatibility

OCPI 2.2 and 2.1.1 compatibility

p2p & hub connectivity for CPOs, eMSPs, mixed roles

p2p & hub connectivity for CPOs, eMSPs, mixed roles

Pluggable interfaces for Mapping and Persistence layers

Pluggable interfaces for Mapping and Persistence layers

See a short presentation of our other OCPP component - Virtual Charging Point

About OCPI - Open Charge Point Interface Protocol

Open Charge Point Interface Protocol (OCPI) is the most widely supported protocol. Supervised by EVRoaming Foundation, real-time, free to use, globally approved and being implemented i.a. in Europe, the USA, Canada, South Africa, and India. The protocol supports EV roaming, enabling hub and p2p connections between eMobility Service Providers and Charge Point Operators.

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Piotr Majecher

Piotr Majcher

eMobility team lead & CTO

Since 2018, he has been developing projects in the eMobility sector, among others, working on open standards to achieve great business flexibility. Seeing that the integration with the OCPP can be speeded up, he and the team spent time working on ready-to-integrate components. By gathering what we know, sharing the best insights and practices the team developed ready-to-integrate components OCPP Gateway and OCPP Virtual Charge Point.

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The growing e-mobility market needs solid tech support.

We partner eMSPs and CPOs with smooth integration of open standards to enable scaling, product & custom software development to make sure they will operate with no tech disruption. Following the rapid growth of the market, we stay up-to-date with recent updates and new releases.

Knowing the matter of time & resources we strive to facilitate integration with commonly applied open standards. This is why we developed ready-to-integrate modules. To learn more about the e-mobility market visit our blog, resources tab, or fill the contact form to schedule individual consultation.


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