EV Charging Management Software for Charge Point Operators

Get a full control over your charging network with our entirely customizable CPO platform packed with all the industry-desired features and available in two business models: SaaS or license.

Far-reaching customization options and flexibility

The CPO platform offers all the essential features right from the get-go, whilst still being open for further development. Our experienced team is ready to assist operators who want to take their competitiveness up a notch by creating custom features and add-ons depending on specific needs.

Moreover, the platform can be installed on premise (in client’s architecture) or supported by Solidstudio via cloud computing - the client chooses what suits them best.

Hardware-agnostic and well-tested solution

Leveraging a successful track record and an extensive collection of pre-existing tests, the platform ensures maximum efficiency for any CPO, no matter what brand or number of chargers there’s to manage. ​​ The system is already being used by many clients (and in many countries), allowing for swift integration with minimal requirements for assessment procedures.

Industry standard coverage through crucial implementations

We know that the future of eMobility lies in interoperability and we also know that a way to achieve that is through open standards. With that in mind, we ensured that the CPO platform comes with crucial implementations right out of the gate.


peer2peer connection over OCPI (2.0.1 and 2.2)


Hubs support


connection to Open Charge Point Protocol (1.6 and 2.0.1)

One-of-a-kind business scalability potential

Available in two business models: Saas and licence, our platform can serve both big and small companies without overburdening costs and with the option to change plans, once one becomes more advantageous. On top of that, we’ve launched an online tool allowing everyone to calculate and compare the costs.

Clarity of purpose cut out for its users

At Solidstudio, we believe that well-grounded diversification within the EV ecosystem paves the path for future eMobility businesses to find their ideal place in the market. Clear separation of both the entities and the tools they use helps to avoid a situation where there’s one inordinate and hard-to-maintain system with an unclear division of roles.

Thus, our products are designed carefully and in character with the entity that’s bound to use them, making them best-fitted for their particular roles. Charge Point Operators and eMobility Service Providers can both enjoy products that are built with a clear purpose of serving their unique needs.

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