Event Storming to Understand Your EV Charging Digital Ecosystem

Let's map out your operational procedures together to pinpoint the software solutions that align with your goals.

Why would you need our Event Storming Session?

With the growing number of available EV charging solutions, Charge Point Operators have it more and more difficult to choose what may work best. Instead of adopting a holistic approach, many of them wrongfully focus only on the software functionalities.

Frequent mistakes

Leaving out the Possibilities of Customization

Lacking a Clear Migration Plan

Focusing Solely on Cost

Overlooking Integration Capabilities

Ignoring Scalability

Neglecting Business Needs Assessment

About our Event Storming Session

By adapting our solutions to both budget-conscious small businesses and well-funded enterprises, we've developed a good understanding of the industry's needs & challenges, including the ones taking on business models. With that, as a part of our consulting process, our eMobility specialists will conduct an Event Storming session and weigh your current business status against our licensing model. Using this information as a foundation, we'll create a well-tailored proposal.

How it works?


You fill in the contact form


Our consultant gets back to you for an introductory session


You both participate in the event storming session & map out the best practises


You get a complete business mapping and an assessment of solutions tailored to your specific operational processes

Benefits of our Event Storming Session

Holistic Decision-Making

provides comprehensive view, helping CPOs make strategic software decisions

Risk Management

identifies and mitigates potential operational risks through comprehensive planning

Customizing Solutions

enables CPOs to cover all unique requirements and gain an edge over competitors

Higher ROI

tailored proposals lead to greater return on investment by maximizing software value

Cost Efficiency

identifies budget-friendly software options and most fitting business models

Scallability Planning

selects software that grows with business, avoiding future costly upgrades

License - Innovative Approach to Business Models

Key benefits of using our platforms on a license basis:

Clear data and IP ownership

24/7 support and maintenance

Constant product updates according to the roadmap

Full customization options

Many available solutions are similar in functionality, but they often come with limitations, especially with SaaS models that can become costly as your business grows.
In response to this issue, we introduce licensing. Our licensed model allows to reshape and adjust the product, saving money as the business scales up without changing costs. During the process mapping phase, our consultants will provide a thorough presentation of it.

Meet Our eMobility Business Consultant



With years worth of experience in custom software development in the international market, Beniamin joined Solidstudio fully prepared to address any client's queries. Having led discovery workshops and sales processes from start to finish, he’s our sure choice to take great care of our upcoming partnerships.


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