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CPO software solutions - what do they look like now?

Software has found its place in the eMobility environment and it’s no question it’s here to stay. Comprehensive digital products allow Charge Point Operators and eMobility Service Providers to manage, optimize and grow their EV charging networks. Quite a few are already available on the market, making certain that the ever-developing charging infrastructure gets the backend maintenance it needs.

As good as some of the solutions are, they’re usually available only via the SaaS (Software as a service) model. While it’s not all-bad and certainly has its strong benefits, SaaS gets problematic once business starts to grow.

SaaS - who is it for?

While there are beneficiaries to the widely-adopted SaaS model, many will not find it satisfactory or rewarding. Here’s what it brings and what it takes away:

SaaS frees you from maintaining and managing the software almost entirely

With SaaS, the CAPEX remains very low, basically you only bear the OPEX cost

It works especially well for startups which take their first steps with rather small charging networks

With SaaS, the more your business grows, the more you have to pay

The costs rise linearly to the amount of charging stations, i.e. with greater numbers of chargers, the cost may skyrocket to hundreds of thousands EUR

SaaS also doesn’t give the opportunity to manipulate the software in such a way as to match the distinct needs and gain competitive advantage

What happens when you grow?

Having the chance to witness our customers’ spectacular growths, we put our best foot forward in providing a solution that answers the question by introducing two business models, depending on specific needs and beneficial for either big or small companies. While many offer strict purchase patterns, we give our clients the flexibility in choosing whatever works best for them.

While our CPO platform remains available via SaaS, we also offer a license model, which not only allows for the reshaping and adjusting of the product, but also for major savings as the companies scale up.

Why licence?

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Our business models in a nutshell

While built on years of experience in delivering custom eMobility solutions, our Charge Point Operator platform reaches out for more benefits than just comprehensive software.

Whether you look for a perfect-for-beginners solution or for a one to grow your business with the possibility of scaling up the number of charging stations and adding more features, at Solidstudio we got you covered.

What if you start small but with big aspirations?

Our solution presumes the possibility of starting off with SaaS and then moving to license once it becomes more cost-effective.

SaaS solution with increasing number of CPs:

Monthly socket fees remain (almost) flat

Annual or Set Up Fees are amortized over CPs

Total monthly CP costs remain constant

Cost structure is increasing linearly

Only OPEX costs are covered

License solution with increasing number of CPs:

The cost per socket lowers

Competitiveness improves

EBITDA improves (stands for: earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization)

License has depreciation for over 5 years

Covers CAPEX with OPEX supporting fees

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About our CPO platform


The platform is ready-to-use with proven track record and all required features, while still available for add-ons depending on client requirements


It’s hardware agnostic - platform connects with any charging station (no matter what brand) making it highly adaptable even for CPOs who operate on numerous charging devices


It can be installed on premise (in client’s architecture) or supported by Solidstudio via cloud computing - the client chooses what suits them best


It comes with provided services of bug fixing and security patching with accordance to SLA


Clients can choose their preferable payments model: flexible Saas plan or licence (one-time fee)


Solidstudio provides SLA for implementation - 4 weeks to get the platform up and running


The platform supports eRoaming hubs and peer-to-peer connection

CPO - Features list

Examine the full potential behind our product and ensure it suits your needs. See a detailed look into what makes up CPO's complete list of features and specifications as of now:

OCPI 2.1.1 and 2.2 (p2p or through hub like Gireve)

OCPP 1.6 and 2.0.1

Charge Point Management

Remote start/stop

Remote restart

RFID based charging (full tokens module)

Ad-hoc credit cards payments support

User Management

Dynamic and Static Load Management

Reporting and Analytics

OCPP live logs debugging

OCPI live logs debugging

Custom branding

Gireve integration

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