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Charge Point Operator Platform that saves money as you scale up your business? Learn about our license model and calculate the savings for yourself!

Why license?

With the growing number of available solutions, we believe that the correct software decisions require evaluation beyond just features and technicalities. Most digital products are available strictly via SaaS, which becomes financially and operationally problematic once businesses start to grow.

With that, at Solidstudio we put thought into the solution that would meet the financial benefits for bigger operators or those who wish to grow. That is a license.

Our license in a nutshell

Unlike with SaaS, with license costs don’t rise linearly with an increased amount of chargers, meaning that even if the price is higher upfront, it becomes a lot less expensive with time and growth.

The benefits go beyond just the financial aspects, as license also comes with an opportunity to gain total ownership of the solution. It includes the right to manipulate the source code, giving our clients full control over the intellectual property of developed functionalities. This approach liberates our partners from reliance on third-party providers and allows them to tailor the software precisely to their needs

Finally, technical support and overview can remain provided by Solidstudio, which leaves out the necessity of any operational changes. All this, while keeping the benefits of full ownership that comes with license.

The benefits of our license model:

Operational costs reduction
Instant increase in company valuation
Price transparency
Modern technology stack
High flexibility levels of the solution
Possibility to hire a dedicated dev team that will work on your Key Selling Points implementation
Improved time to market
Opportunity to add features to improve competitiveness and uniqueness

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