OCPP Gateway

Stay on top of the eMobility ecosystem and ensure the smooth connection between a charging station and the OCPP protocol (versions 1.6 or 2.0.1).

Must-have, stable connection for Charge Point Operators

Acting as a bridge between a charging station and its operator, our gateway is in charge of making remote maintenance an easy task. Whether it’s just a couple of chargers or an entire charging network, the gateway opens up the possibilities for device management, transaction handling, security, smart charging functionalities, support for display and many more through the OCPP connection.

Hardware-agnostic and well-tested solution

Our gateway will work with any charging station supporting OCPP, which makes it a very versatile and highly usable tool for many operators. Having been successfully implemented with many customers already, it’s proved to be up-and-running without the need for lengthy testing procedures - saving time and money for its users.

Client-focused flexibility

Understanding the complex nature of eMobility, we pay great attention to how different organizations may seek distinct solutions and we come forward with freedom of choice in many spheres of software purchasing or storing. With that in mind, we allow our clients to choose how they want the solution to be maintained. It can be installed on premise (in client’s architecture) or supported by Solidstudio via cloud computing.

OCPP Gateway

On premise

OCPP Gateway


About Open Charge Point Protocol

An application protocol for communication between charging stations and a central management system. Developed by the Open Charge Alliance (OCA) for the EV infrastructure market, the OCPP protocol is recognized as the standard for charging infrastructure cooperating among charging equipment manufacturers, software & systems providers, charging network operators, as well as research organizations. The protocol grants flexibility for Charge Point Operators to be EVSE-agnostic and allows universal access for EV drivers. Moreover, OCPP optimizes the cost and minimizes the risk of infrastructure investments.

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