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What can we do with React Native?

The growing demand for mobile applications motivates founders and companies to look for new ways to make the development process more manageable. To maximize the impact of a mobile application, it’s smart to introduce it to both IOS and Android users. However, that may create problems because such applications need to be designed and built separately. That’s where React Native comes in.

Thanks to its speed, React Native is an excellent technology an MVP application that allows companies get access to early user feedback. React Native is agile and helps companies quickly adjust their application to market changes on two platforms at the same time.

At Solidstudio, we understand that entrepreneurs and companies are under constant pressure to deliver fantastic mobile products. We use React Native to help them achieve key business goals at top cost-efficiency and speed.

Benefits of React Native app development

React Native offers several benefits to developers and companies that choose it as the central technology for their mobile applications. Here are some reasons behind the framework’s popularity:



React Native was born out of a hackathon in 2013. It addressed a vital concern of the developer community that was looking a mobile alternative that would combine the advantages of mobile app development with the agility of the React environment. React Native was created and is currently supported by the community which contributes freely available components to speed up development.



The modular and intuitive interface of React Native, makes it easy for other developers to build upon a project developed by someone else. That boosts the flexibility within a development team and makes it easier to add updates. The application will also be easy to process by testers who can quickly understand the programming logic and build the right testing scenarios, leading to valuable time-savings.



React Native allows reusing code for deployment on iOS and Android which entails vast savings in development time and cost.



React Native includes a live reload feature which enables all stakeholders to instantly see the result of the latest change made to the code.


Top performance

React Native architecture is well-integrated with the mobile environment, and when compared to other cross-platform options, it’s swift.

Why should you consider React Native?

React Native is an excellent technology for applications that don’t require complex features or design. It’s also a good choice if you’d like to build an application that supports two platforms with a unified codebase.

At Solidstudio, we support entrepreneurs and companies in React Native application development at every step of the way: from design and coding to deployment and publication.



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Cross-platform development has become a popular alternative to real native mobile application development because it allows to cut down expenses and save time by using the same codebase across both platforms.

Our React Native experts know how to make the most of this rising mobile solution and create a mobile application that fits the requirements of our clients.

Hire us to take a step into the future with React Native mobile app development.


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