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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud computing platform that offers a wide range of services to help businesses scale and grow. Discover how we can help you leverage AWS for your organization.

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Benefits of AWS Lambda

Here are some examples of AWS Lambda applications:


Web applications

By eliminating the need to maintain servers, businesses can build web apps that don't generate any costs when there's no traffic and ensure that the server scales dynamically to handle excessive traffic loads during peak hours.


Mobile development

Serverless architecture can be used to build mobile backends. Development teams can build secure, available, and scaled backends without the need for any extra skills in developing robust apps.


IT automation

Serverless architecture comes with easy customization and scalability, which comes in handy to businesses experiencing rapid change. If your business model evolves and you need to scale applications, AWS Lambda will enable you to design new modules to automate your IT processes and power your business growth.


Internet of Things

AWS Lambda is also a handy tool in IoT backend development. It allows incorporating any native libraries and code to simplify the development of cloud-based, device-specific algorithms.


Chatbots and voice-enabled assistants

A serverless approach is a great fit webhook based systems such as chatbots or virtual assistants. Since code is executed to perform actions only when needed (for example, when an end-user asks the bot a question), AWS Lambda is a cost-effective choice. Most Alexa Skills for Amazon Echo are implemented with the help of AWS Lambda.


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