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AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda Development

To stay nimble and lower the costs of their IT infrastructure, companies are now turning to cloud solutions. Cloud servers allow boosting the level of organizational agility by offering on-demand IT resources and reducing the total cost of ownership. Cloud-based architectures also accelerate processes, significantly speeding up the time-to-market for digital products.

When moving to the cloud, companies can choose from many different solutions. One of them is Amazon Web Services Lambda, a framework for serverless applications.

The serverless approach comes with many benefits over conventional cloud computing. The architecture of serverless apps allows developers to concentrate on their core task - translating the business logic into a working application. Many boilerplate components of the app are hidden from the development team - for example, the webserver and its software that ensures scaling and reliability.

As a result, serverless cloud solutions like Lambda offer development teams a functional approach where the business logic can be triggered only when needed - for instance, when a user sends a message or uploads an image to the cloud. This type of event-based asynchronous approach to application design is no longer valid in a serverless architecture.

Benefits of AWS Lambda

Here are some examples of AWS Lambda applications:


Web applications

By eliminating the need to maintain servers, businesses can build web apps that don't generate any costs when there's no traffic and ensure that the server scales dynamically to handle excessive traffic loads during peak hours.


Mobile development

Serverless architecture can be used to build mobile backends. Development teams can build secure, available, and scaled backends without the need for any extra skills in developing robust apps.


IT automation

Serverless architecture comes with easy customization and scalability, which comes in handy to businesses experiencing rapid change. If your business model evolves and you need to scale applications, AWS Lambda will enable you to design new modules to automate your IT processes and power your business growth.


Internet of Things

AWS Lambda is also a handy tool in IoT backend development. It allows incorporating any native libraries and code to simplify the development of cloud-based, device-specific algorithms.


Chatbots and voice-enabled assistants

A serverless approach is a great fit webhook based systems such as chatbots or virtual assistants. Since code is executed to perform actions only when needed (for example, when an end-user asks the bot a question), AWS Lambda is a cost-effective choice. Most Alexa Skills for Amazon Echo are implemented with the help of AWS Lambda.

Examples of AWS Lambda serverless apps

With serverless architecture, companies get the following benefits:

  • No need to worry about hardware or software as it's provided by the cloud vendor - the IT department doesn't have to provision, deploy, update, or monitor any servers. Fleet management activities (such as security patching, code deployment, and server monitoring) are redundant, so companies aren't required to maintain any tools and processes, or upkeep other tech activities for supporting 24×7 up times.
  • The development team can scale applications automatically when their use is triggered by end-users. Conventional cloud solutions often require a received fleet and a specialized process for scaling during peak load times.
  • Companies receive no billing charge then the server remains idle. AWS Lambda offers a pay-per-request billing model.

AWS Lambda allows running your code without provisioning or managing any other servers, and executes the code only when needed. The solution can scale automatically to support from several requests per day to several thousands of requests per second. The development team can run code for almost any type of application and backend services, without incurring any administration costs. AWS Lambda supports programming languages such as Node.js, Java and Python.



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