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Kotlin grows in popularity over the years. If you look for a lightweight server-side framework, Kotlin might be a great choice.


Benefits of Kotlin application development

Kotlin has gained such widespread support among the developer community thanks to these benefits:


Compatibility with Java

One of the most significant advantages of Kotlin is that it’s interoperable with Java. It means that developers can easily migrate a project from Java to Kotlin at any time, a great benefit for those who already have an Android app and want to scale it using cutting-edge technology like Kotlin.



Developers can solve the same problems using fewer lines of code. That translates into a more reliable code with fewer bugs, crashes and system failures. Kotlin’s concise code is easier to read, maintain, and change when needed. Kotlin prevents common programming by design too, allowing developers to write more robust and stable code in production right from the start.


Easy to maintain

Kotlin supports many IDEs, Android Studio included. Developers can use battle-tested development tools with which they’re worked before for maintaining their codebase at scale.


Top speed

Kotlin promotes developer productivity thanks to its concise code with intuitive syntax and generally clean language design. It also includes some powerful features that speed up the daily development tasks. All in all, it takes developers less time to write new code in Kotlin, deploy it and maintain it at scale.

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