Java development company

Java development company

With an engineering history spanning over two decades, Java is one of the most battle-tested technologies on the market. It’s an excellent choice for a broad range of applications: from web applications and enterprise system to FinTech solutions, CRMs, and ERPs.

We use Java to deliver robust and scalable backend systems to customers who value the stability and quality of this programming language. Java also allows developing cloud-native applications which instantly positions them for success.

Java software solutions

Many reasons make Java one of the most popular technologies in the world. Here are some of them:

  • Excellent development speed - developers who use Java can benefit from its mature ecosystem of battle-tested tools and plugins which are integrated with decompilers and debuggers to speed up the development process.
  • Platform independence - using Java, developers can move quickly from one system to another and run the same code on many different systems. That boosts the development speed and comfort.
  • Quality - this proven and mature language offers excellent computation efficiency and code maintainability.
  • Versatility - Java applications can run across various platforms: desktop, mobile, and embedded systems.
  • Security - the language provides developers with a secure environment. It was also designed to remove particular types of errors developers often make.
  • Popularity - Java is surrounded by an active community of passionate developers, as well as outstanding support infrastructure.

Java software house

Finding talented Java developers can be challenging. Even though Java is a popular technology, there aren’t many developers out there who are able to maximize its potential in building backend solutions.

Talented developers usually look for challenges, and large organisations prevent them from staying nimble and experimenting. At Solidstudio, we offer such challenges to our development teams. Our company is large enough to ensure that solutions we create are capable of addressing problems at scale. But we are also small enough to enable developers to have a significant and lasting impact. That’s the secret to how we managed to get such fantastic Java talents on board.

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Java - custom solutions

As a software development company with ample experience in Java programming, we are prepared to deliver custom Java solutions that match the demands of your organisation. Our experts will review your brief to propose unique solutions and architecture, helping your company full take advantage of Java in realizing business objectives.

Hire us to benefit from the quality and robustness of Java.

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