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Hiroku supports various numbers of web development solutions in the cloud. Learn how you use this in your business.


Heroku cloud application development

Heroku is a cloud platform that allows development teams to build, deliver, monitor, and scale applications. The platform is fully managed, allowing developers to concentrate on their core product without the need to pay attention to tasks like maintaining servers, hardware, or infrastructure. Heroku provides services, tools, workflows, and excellent customer support in a mix that boosts the productivity of development teams.

As a cloud service platform, Heroku is based on a managed container system with integrated data services, paired with a powerful ecosystem for deploying and running applications.

Benefits of Heroku

Are you looking for a cloud-based solution that would allow your teams to build, maintain, and deploy great applications easily? Heroku is a good solution.


It supports many programming languages in web development

Today, Heroku provides support for Java, Node.js, Scala, Clojure, Python, PHP, and Go. Heroku will come in handy to many different development teams looking for a cost-effective way to scale their applications.


It supports various solutions

Heroku offers development teams custom buildpacks, where they can deploy apps in any other programming language. It’s thanks to this feature that Heroku is called a polyglot platform. The platform allows developers to build, run, and scale applications similarly across all programming languages.


It offers a smart architecture

In Heroku, applications as services use application containers (called dynos), which are designed to package and run services. Each container offers a reliable and fully-managed runtime environment. As a result, development teams don’t have to worry about managing operating systems or other internal system configurations.


It’s scalable

developers can scale apps by simply increasing the number of containers or changing the type of container in which the app is running. Such a simple method for scaling applications is what gained Heroku its fame.


It integrates with key tools

projects created in Heroku are bound to repositories in GitHub, providing automated builds and deploys of the latest code version. Heroku’s integration with GitHub and many other tools helps development teams to optimize their efforts and make the process of maintaining and scaling apps more cost-effective.

Heroku development company

Heroku satisfies the needs of modern business by providing a simple and scalable environment for running, deploying, maintaining, and scaling applications.

However, to make the most of Heroku, companies need to team up with experts who know the ins and outs of this powerful cloud solution.

At SolidStudio Software House, we have plenty of experience in working with Heroku. Our experts can help you in defining and realizing the best working options and adapt specific features of Heroku to match the needs of your technology ecosystem with your business goals.

We can help your development teams take full advantage of Heroku’s impressive collaborative techniques and scalable methods, allowing you to significantly reduce the time it takes to build apps and building a smart app structure that is easy to manage. Our teams can help you in deploying code and ensure that your assets pipeline works as you want. We also help companies to set up staging environments, install and use various add-ons, migrate their databases, and troubleshoot deployments to gain insight into their processes.

By integrating Heroku cloud services with your technologies, you can carry out complex operations efficiently and build new applications faster than ever.



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By teaming up with us, you’ll get advice about everything related to Heroku, including pricing, architecture, best practices, and industry standards to help you launch new products efficiently and gain a competitive advantage.

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