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We offer distributed system development services for existing systems and new projects. Our software developers deliver quality services in line with the best technology practices and trends.

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A solid investment in IT is critical for organisations that want to achieve their business goals and drive growth. They need not only an IT strategy but an excellent architecture. Together, they form the foundation for IT infrastructure that supports all business needs.

At Solidstudio, we have helped organisations develop distributed system architecture to ensure that their IT infrastructure matches their requirements perfectly. A distributed system is a system of independent computers that are linked by a single network and equipped with specialized distributed system software that empowers computers to share resources and organize activities.

Our system architects have extensive experience in this area, and as a company, we have developed a process that allows introducing quality distributed architecture to our clients cost-effectively and efficiently.

Advantages of distributed systems

There are many advantages to developing distributed systems for your company. Here are some of the most important ones:


Sharing resources

Distributed systems allow seamless sharing of both hardware and software resources.



Concurrent processing boosts the performance of your organisation.



You can use different types of hardware and software in building distributed systems.



Such systems can address the needs of your organisation as it evolves



Distributed systems continue working even if an error occurs, ensuring that your business operations are never at risk

Distributed systems services - what can we do for you?

We provide distributed system development services for existing systems, as well as new projects. Our teams of experts deliver quality services in line with recent trends and best technology practices to match the demanding standards of different industries in which our clients operate.

At Solidstudio, we can transform systems into comprehensive digital platforms of APIs and microservices to boost new business capabilities and satisfy our clients. We have an excellent track record of collaborations with organisations of different sizes and following various business models, from start-ups to enterprise. Our architects can advise you at every step of the process, starting from developing an IT strategy to its execution.



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Distributed systems software house

Our experts are skilled in architecture development and modelling, as well as building business capabilities with the help of the most innovative technologies. They have an in-depth understanding of distributed architecture and work with clients hand in hand to create a platform for solving their problems.

We take advantage of Amazon Web Services to build distributed systems for our clients. We use all of its elements accelerate the development process and optimize project expenses.

Partner with us to create a distributed system your business needs.


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