Apache Cordova

Get advantage of Apache Cordova in mobile development.

Get advantage of Apache Cordova in mobile development.

What is Apache Cordova?

Apache Cordova offers development teams many different benefits:


Compatibility on multiple platforms

The framework efficiently solves the problem of variation among various native development platforms, allowing developers to build apps that look and feel just like native apps. That's why it is such a handy tool for business owners looking to quickly build a mobile application that works for both Androids and iOS.


Cost-effective development

Apache Cordova provides development teams with a set of tools that help to reduce the development time. Once developers build the app, it can be deployed everywhere and submitted to all the platforms you need. As a result, it can save your businesses lots of money and time. You won't have to build two versions of your app using different programming languages for each platform.


Apache Cordova plugins

Another strength of this framework is its rich collections of plugins, which make it possible for developers to tap into the powerful features of mobile devices. For example, plugins provide access to the device's camera, GPS, file system, and many others. As mobile devices evolve with time, the people who contribute to the development of Cordova can add support for new hardware by simply developing new plugins.


Cordova applications install just like native apps

If you decide to build an app for iOS, it will produce an IPA file. And if Android is your choice, you'll get an APK file. It's easy to create an illusion of a native mobile app with Cordova - but you also need some expert skills on board to achieve this effect.


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