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Take advantage of Amazon Web Services experts to build your solution using the best component services such as EC2, S3, Amazon RDB, and Amazon EBS.


Amazon Web Services

The appearance of Amazon Web Services (AWS) on the tech scene has caused nothing short of a revolution in cloud computing. AWS drastically lowered the barrier to entry for organisations looking to launch a product or service online. Without AWS, the tech landscape as we know it simply wouldn’t exist.

There’s no reason for your business to hesitate any longer. Today, cloud computing is reliable, secure and affordable. The move to the cloud is inevitable, and thousands of companies are now accelerating their digital transformation with the help of AWS.

At Solidstudio, we provide Amazon Web Services for companies that want to create cloud-based platforms and take their business to the next level.

Pros of AWS development

What stands behind the popularity of AWS among businesses of all sizes? Here are the most notable factors:


Cost-efficiency and flexibility

using AWS, you pay only for the resources being used (for example, computing power, or storage). You don’t sign any long-term contracts or agree to up-front expense commitments. As your company grows, you can adjust the level of resources you use accordingly in this fully scalable solution.


Access to Amazon’s computing infrastructure

It’s reliable, scalable and secure. Amazon’s global computing infrastructure is the foundation of the platform.


Hosting applications is easy

Vendors and providers can host applications on AWS quickly and securely.



AWS leverages end-to-end approach to harden its infrastructure which includes the software, operations, and hardware measures.


Extensive offer

You get to choose from a broad offer of services you can incorporate into your applications.

What can you achieve with AWS custom integration?

Building on AWS differs from regular types of product architecture. Choosing AWS, you’ll have to determine which component service would match your requirements best - and there are many of them to choose from (for example, EC2, S3, Amazon RDB, or Amazon EBS).

That’s why it’s smart to partner with an expert software development company. You’ll learn how to leverage AWS architecture to make sure your product runs efficiently. By doing that, you’ll also avoid building in redundant components and ensure high fault tolerance - no outage will result in loss of service.

Teaming up with professionals who have ample knowledge about AWS will also help you in predicting and budgeting - as well as just making the most of AWS for your business.



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AWS services - How can we help you?

At Solidstudio, we help our clients take advantage of all the benefits AWS offers to organizations. We provide the following AWS services:

  • AWS development
  • AWS integration and migration
  • AWS Cloud automation and management
  • Application support on AWS
  • AWS consulting

Partner with us to make the most of AWS for your business.


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