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Working with Pawel and his team was a great experience for us, as Solidstudio is having a vast knowledge about the different eMobility protocols. This ensured a quick time to market for the solution we developed.

Christian Hahn, CEO of Hubject

We provide

Tech development & support

Tech development & support

to help eMobility Service Providers and Charge Point Operators fully benefit from the services they offer

eMobility Framework

eMobility Framework

ready-to-use digital EV charging ecosystem covering the entire spectrum of eMobility software needs

Top-notch modules

Top-notch modules

ready-to-integrate components, boosting the integration with Open Standards, to unlock eMobility opportunities

eMobility experience

eMobility experience

documented successes on both sides of the market eMobility Service Providers and Charge Point Operators

IT expertise

IT expertise

we have extensive domain knowledge in the tech aspects of the eMobility world

What we can do to boost your eMobility growth?


Conduct seamless integration with Open Standards

we can offer ready-to-integrate components that will boost the adaptation process, or integrate your system with selected Standard.


Connect your ideas with the best technology

we know the code, eMobility forecasts, and most performing technologies, that support the green, integrated world.


Conduct workshops

to verify your product, identify areas for improvement, or help you better understand users interactions and meet their expectations.


Support your growth with the best tech knowledge and expertise

whether you are an eMobility Service Provider or Charge Point Operator, we have experience and domain knowledge on both sides.


Nourish your business opportunities

recent updates and most desired features are something we always keep in mind. Staying up-to-date will drive your business ahead


Carry out eMobility Consultations and Event Storming Sessions

we deliver full-round consultations with regards to business and tech aspects of eMobility, followed by a document describing our clients’ visions in the context of realities of EV charging

Why choose Solidstudio?

With proven experience in adopting open standards and extensive domain knowledge, we partner eMobility companies in developing and integrating top-notch EV charging digital solutions.

Having the chance to collaborate with companies from all over the world, we developed solutions across the entire spectrum of EV charging ecosystem - for eMobility Service Providers, Charge Point Operators and other entities in the field. Gained expertise allowed us to release our own suite of digital products which form a complete eMobility Framework.

Going beyond the sole focus on technicalities and towards the introduction of an innovative approach in business models, we can now mix our ready-made modules with custom software development boosting time-to-market to an all-time fast.

We’re also a member of the EVRoaming Foundation.

Addressing software challenges in the eMobility sector? Reach out, and let’s find the right path forward!

Following on our free eMobility Consultation, our business consultants prepare a document weighing your idea against the realities of EV charging and shedding light on potential collaboration.

Digital ecosystem for EV charging: our ready-to-use eMobility Framework

Based on our extensive expertise within the field of EV charging, we put forward an off-the-shelf eMobility Framework consisting of a suite of digital products ready to cover all EV charging aspects in no time. Whether it's optimizing charging infrastructure management, enhancing user experience, or ensuring seamless integration with open standards, our suite has been designed to empower the EV ecosystem with innovation and efficiency.

To add to that, we have introduced an innovative business model based on a mix of licensing and custom software development, where our clients not only become the sole owners of the solutions, but they also get them customized to fit their unique needs and gain an edge over competitors.

Our flagship products

eMobility Open Source

Throughout the years, we have also published some of our software solutions as an open source available for anyone.

Virtual Charge Point

Virtual Charge Point

It’s an OCPP Charging Station simulator allowing for trouble-free testing and monitoring of the EV charging management systems (CPO platforms). It imitates user-made activities, like plugging/unplugging the cable or scanning RFID tokens which allows operators to test their managing software without the need of connecting it to the actual chargers early on the testing stages.

OCPI Schema Generator

OCPI Schema Generator

JSON Schema Generator for OCPI allows generating a set of files in JSON-Schema format that reflect the communication interfaces for OCPI 2.1.1, 2.2 and 2.2.1. That way someone who is looking to implement the OCPI API "at home" can use our generators, take the generated JSON Schema and connect i.e. to their unit tests to check the compliance of their API with the OCPI documentation.

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