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The top 7 benefits of outsourced IT services

05 MAY 2020 • 8 MIN READ

Paweł Małkowiak



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IT outsourcing can offer considerable benefits, especially for small to mid-sized companies looking to grow. Strong IT support process is vital in order for a business to stay competitive – a service that a reputable outsourced IT company like Solidstudio can deliver.

But before you enlist the help of a third party for IT support, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of IT outsourcing. In this article we’ll cover the considerable benefits IT outsourcing can offer, particularly for smaller companies. If you’d like more information on the type of IT outsourcing typically services on offer, head over to our dedicated what is outsourcing article for a detailed breakdown.

Here let’s look at the seven biggest advantages IT outsourcing has to offer.

1. Expertise

If you’re considering outsourcing your IT support, you’re clearly in need of some expert help. And that comes in abundance with an active outsourced IT company. Teams consist of highly skilled, experienced professionals with an in-depth knowledge of the most up-to-date, cutting-edge technologies.

The Solidstudio team specialises in a broad range of IT services, including FinTech, Cloud applications, custom software, SaaS development and more (see our full service list here for more details). No matter what IT issue you might have, we have the expertise to help.

2. Reduced costs

You’d be forgiven for thinking employing an in-house team to manage your IT systems is the most cost-effective option. But with permanent employees comes added expenses you might have overlooked. Even the smallest in-house team can wrack up costs in the tens of thousands each year when you consider salaries, training, hardware requirements, software licenses, cloud service subscriptions etc.

Outsourcing IT costs vary depending on the type of service and length of contract required, and the services of highly skilled IT professionals rarely come cheap. But there are no hidden employee costs, just the bill for services, and so as a general rule, outsourcing IT often presents the cheapest solution.

3. Availability

Outsourcing IT services will include some kind of support model, with the most reputable companies offering help whenever it's needed. The very nature of outsourcing IT requires companies to be on hand at a moment’s notice to reduce the risk of downtime and guarantee smooth operations.

At Solidstudio, support services are tailored to individual client needs, with 24/7 access included. Solidstudio also offers a three-month guarantee on any of its services, with any issues found within that time after build, the company will fix it for no added cost.

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4. Scalability

This is particularly important for start ups and mid-sized companies looking to grow. To do so you must be prepared, at some point, to up-scale IT support. By enlisting the services of a third party, the experience and expertise of the team will help with forward planning and ensure any IT systems built can accommodate growth in the most cost-effective and efficient ways. Having access to experts who can advise on the best systems and implement the most up-to-date technology will go a long way to securing a businesses long-term success.

5. Competitive edge

IT outsourcing opens the door for small and mid-sized businesses to think as big as their larger counterparts and retain that competitive edge. By hiring a third party IT company, you have access to all the same (if not better) technology and expertise to build your IT systems.

Here at Solidstudio we pride ourselves on working out the best IT solution for our clients to help their businesses thrive and keep it in the race.

6. Compliance and security

Digital threats are never too far away, which is why an IT system needs the infrastructure to ensure adequate security compliance. Here at Solidstudio we have specialists in IT security on hand to help protect against hacking, viruses and any more of the various threats that lurk in the digital world.

Implementing the most advanced security methods and tools, we can safeguard all of your digital assets. Investing in specialist IT security can save you money in the long term too. A bit of extra spend on cybersecurity in the early days can reduce the risk of what could be very costly data breaches.

7. Resource optimisation

For those not familiar with the ways of the web, tackling it can be a long, laborious and potentially costly process. Outsourcing your IT issues to a third party will not only get the job done a whole lot quicker, but also helps optimise human resources.

As external resources deal with your IT systems, you and any employees are free to focus on the individual skill sets helping the business thrive. We have various types of services, which we match to our clients needs:

IT outsourcing: is it right for you?

Add up all of the above and it results in a strong case for IT outsourcing. But there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to IT support, which is why the most important first step is to find the best technology partner to help you evaluate whether IT outsourcing can provide the services you require.

Here at Solidstudio we are dedicated to finding the best IT solution for individual business needs. If you would like more information on outsourcing IT services, or some advice on specific services, please contact us!