Cloud-native development

Cloud-native development

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Cloud-native development

Cloud-native applications are built specifically for the cloud and always take advantage of the infrastructure the cloud offers. Cloud native applications are built for the environment in which they will operate: the cloud.

To get started in the cloud, most companies first pass through the stages of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) to finally arrive at native cloud computing.

At Solidstudio, we build cloud-native applications for clients interested in expanding their cloud investments and realizing the many benefits of cloud-native app development.

Cloud-native application

Here are some of the most significant benefits of native cloud application development that contribute to its increasing popularity among enterprises:

  • Cloud native applications can take advantage of massive computing power when it's needed to ensure speedy deployment and scalability. This helps businesses to gain a competitive edge and always be able to respond to user needs quickly.
  • Optimal automation - in cloud-native applications, infrastructure-provisioning and scalability are fully automated. This leads not only to cost savings but also enables better time management and boosts staff productivity.
  • Containerization - if a cloud-native application fails (which isn’t very likely), all it takes is addressing the problem in one microservice. The company won’t have to pull the entire app apart to check what went wrong. Containerization also makes it easier to roll back a part of the application. If an error is detected, the system can automatically roll back the app to a stable version.

By automating processes with native cloud apps, the organisation can free resources to focus on what matters most - reaching core business goals, delivering excellent customer service, and driving growth.

Cloud native technologies are becoming a go-to technology for organisations all over the world. Thanks to the widespread adoption, challenges associated with networking, security, and storage are becoming less significant.

Cloud-native microservices architectures

A key concept in cloud-native applications is microservices. Cloud-native applications are containerized; every application works as a collection of small services that implement various capabilities, run processes, and communicate. They can all be deployed, adjusted, and scaled independently of the other application services.

Microservices can be automated so that processes like updates happen automatically, without causing any disruptions to the application or its users. Thanks to microservices, issues like failing infrastructure or outages are no longer a problem - most of the time, the system will stay functional.

Cloud-native development experts

When investing in cloud-native development, it’s important to team up with a company that has experience in delivering such projects. That type of know-how and expertise is essential for the successful implementation of a relatively demanding system that is native cloud application.

Are you looking for a team of experts who could help you harness the power of cloud-native applications? Get in touch with us; we have the know-how to develop a cloud-native application that helps your business accelerate its growth.

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They stepped up and provided recommendations based on what was best for our business. Their team understood our business use cases and filled in our knowledge gaps.
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The amount of work that their 2–3 developers completed over the course of the year was significantly more than would be produced by local teams of 2–12 people. (...) the quality of their team’s extremely high
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What’s so interesting about Solidstudio Software House is that they don’t really have junior developers. Instead, they’ve assigned two senior people and a lead.
Edwyn van Rooyen, CEO
Their level of professionalism is extremely high. Solidstudio Software House requires less oversight than many of the other vendors we've worked with.
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