White-label EMSP Application

Deliver the best charging service with our white-label mobile app for EV drivers. Our solution comes with a web application allowing eMobility Service Providers for its seamless management and it can also be available as API-First.

Advanced customization options

We appreciate how important unique branding is. With that in mind, the app comes with a fully customizable user interface and Solidstudio takes responsibility for implementing the client's chosen design.

Profound invoicing and settlements features

Of great value for both the EV drivers and the Service Providers, comprehensive, all-inclusive billing and invoicing features have been added as well, allowing for flexible payment solutions: apple pay, credit card, etc. In case additional payment options are required, we offer further customization.

Industry standard coverage through crucial implementations

With technological advancements most probably leading to a point where most of the eMobility industry is bound to be steered by open standards, similarly, to our CPO platform, the eMSP app also comes with crucial integrations right from the outset. The app is compatible with OCPI and eRoaming (peer-to-peer or via Gireve’s hub).

Exploring new solutions but migration seems overwhelming?

In our ebook, we uncover migration details including the product-based and business-strategic arguments in favour of software migration & key elements of success behind the matter. Additionally, we share a completed checklist of OCPP acceptance testing procedures.

eMSP back-office web application

Delivered alongside the mobile app, it’s designed to help eMobility Service Providers smoothly navigate and manage their setups. It allows for remote upkeep and seamless maintenance of the entire system. Amongst the featured functionalities, there are:

User management

User management

Tariffs overview and payments system

Tariffs overview and payments system

RFID distribution and control

RFID distribution and control



Event Storming Session to Better Understand the EV Charging Software

With the growth of eMobility solutions, eMobility Service Providers face increasing difficulty in selecting optimal options. Mistakenly, they often narrow their focus to software functionalities alone. Putting our best foot forward, during the consulting process, our eMobility specialists will conduct an Event Storming Session, assessing company statuses against business models, including our license.


API-first eMSP application

With the ultimate goal of providing the greatest levels of flexibility and adaptability to our customers, in addition to a white-label app, we offer our eMSP solution in the API-first form. The API can be implemented into the existing infrastructure, enriching the products with top-notch EV charging features. Solidstudio provides SLA for API’s implementation - 4 weeks for onboarding. The API comes with all the features and functionalities, as well as the backend app.

Dekra Certificate

ISO 270001 Certificate

Believing that our continued dynamic growth requires standardization and a systematic approach, including ensuring information security, we have decided to implement, maintain, and improve an Information Security Management System in accordance with the international standard PN-EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017.

Dekra Certificate

Intercharge CHECK Software Certificate

In pursuit of the highest quality behind our products and their matching with industry standards, we have successfully passed Hubject’s certification. The certification process conducted between Hubject GmbH and Solidstudio sp. z o.o., affirmed the seamless interoperability of our EV charging digital solutions with the Hubject platform.

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