Business Intelligence for Charge Point Operators

Pull and group data directly from Charge Point Management Systems and get them organized into easy-to-read statistics. Our tool can be integrated with any CPO Platform via OCPI peer-to-peer connection, OCPP or directly.

Why EV Charging BI?

After assessing the challenges in EV charging software, we identified a need for better data management. Most CPMS systems limit CPOs control over data presentation and sharing. Even platforms with Business Intelligence capabilities often lack sufficient customization options, hindering tailored data analysis and accessibility for specific stakeholders.

Our solution responds to the above issues, by offering a customizable, advanced data controlling system that uses the real-time, factual figures and groups them into easy-to-read statistics without the need to access the main system.

Easy Connection and Great Accessibility

Our Business Intelligence tool is compatible with any CPMS, whether it's our own CPO platform or another provider's. Once integrated, users can access it independently, without needing to enter the original CPMS. This gives a substantial business advantage, as not all stakeholders should be able to access the core platform.

Advanced Customization

Each CPO has unique needs and challenges, which is why our BI solution is not one-size-fits-all. We offer the capability to incorporate custom views and statistics tailored to the individual demands of our clients. Whether it's tracking the utilization rates of charging stations, analyzing peak charging times, or identifying revenue trends, our BI tool can be customized to provide the insights that matter most to particular businesses.

What is the role of software within the EV charging ecosystem?

Our CEO, Paweł, shared some valuable insights about the place that software holds within the eMobility environment in one of our latest publications. The ebook breaks down the cases of what are the involved entities, why should they use separate digital tools, what are the challenges of creating EV charging software and many more.

Key Benefits

While our tool is already up and running, we’ll continue to develop it based on clients’ feedback and changing market needs. For now, it offers:

Quick setup based on OCPI peer-to-peer connection, OCPP or directly

Advanced metrics and customization - i.e. see which EMSP drives the most traffic to the charging network

Safe access to the important data aside from the core system

No need for non-standard API integration

ISO 270001 Certificate

Believing that our continued dynamic growth requires standardization and a systematic approach, including ensuring information security, we have decided to implement, maintain, and improve an Information Security Management System in accordance with the international standard PN-EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017.

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