API-first EMSP app

Nourish your existing solutions with our API-first EMSP with endless customization possibilities! It is available via two business models: as SaaS or licensed product.


An API with a proven track record you can connect to

It comes with a full back office platform for EMPs allowing for its seamless maintenance and remote upkeep

It’s compatible with OCPI, eRoaming (peer-to-peer or via Gireve’s hub)

Solidstudio provides SLA for API’s implementation - 4 weeks for onboarding

The API has a settlements and invoicing feature integrated, allowing for flexible payment solutions: Apple Pay, credit card, etc.

API-first EMSP backoffice platform

Delivered alongside the API, it’s designed to help eMobility Service Providers smoothly navigate and manage their setups.


User management


Tariffs overview and payments system


RFID distribution and control



emobility service provider

About our API-first EMSP

Staying true to our high flexibility standards, in addition to a white-label app, we offer our EMSP solution in the API-first form. The API can be implemented into the existing infrastructure, enriching the products with top-notch EV charging features.

Additionally, we deliver a web application allowing for user management, RFID tokens allocation, invoicing or tariffs’ visibility setup, all to ensure thorough control and administration. The client is also left with flexibility for further product development to ensure the best scalability and customization.

API-first EMSP: Features List

Examine the full potential behind our product and ensure it suits your needs!

Remote start/stop

RFID based authorization

Map and list view

Payments, invoicing and tariff details

OCPI & eRoaming (peer-to-peer or through hub)

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Piotr Majecher

Piotr Majcher

eMobility team lead & CTO

Since 2018, he has been developing projects in the eMobility sector, among others, working on open standards to achieve great business flexibility. Seeing that the integration with the OCPP can be speeded up, he and the team spent time working on ready-to-integrate components. By gathering what we know, sharing the best insights and practices the team developed ready-to-integrate components OCPP Gateway and OCPP Virtual Charge Point.

Why choose Solidstudio?

The growing e-mobility market needs solid tech support.

We partner eMSPs and CPOs with smooth integration of open standards to enable scaling, product & custom software development to make sure they will operate with no tech disruption. Following the rapid growth of the market, we stay up-to-date with recent updates and new releases.

Knowing the matter of time & resources we strive to facilitate integration with commonly applied open standards. This is why we developed ready-to-integrate modules. To learn more about the e-mobility market visit our blog, resources tab, or fill the contact form to schedule individual consultation.


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