Licensing EV charging software

Licensing EV Charging Software

See what a license is and how it can replace SaaS

Industry Paradigm

Digital solutions for Charge Point Operators and eMobility Service Providers are ususally available strictly via SaaS.

SaaS vs business growth - what happens when you scale?

SaaS will scale your operational expenses linearly - the more charging points (or end-users) under management, the more monthly costs.

License - a business model dedicated for scale-ups, enterprises and companies with great ambitions

With a license you become the sole owner of the solution, which allows you to use and modify the software anyway you want. Since it’s a perpetual license, there aren’t any extra ongoing expenses. Instead of paying accordingly to the scale of your charging network, you pay a one-time fee and you’re free to grow the network.

Our licensed CPO & eMSP software

It has comparable (or even better!) features to major SaaS solutions

It can be customized to cover the unique needs and stand out on the market

It leverages capital expenditures vs operating expenses

It can remain serviced and maintained by Solidstudio, without the need for internal IT depts

It eradicates any risks that normally go with 3rd party software and lack of full ownership

It significantly improves time-to-market

Solidstudio can facilitate the deployment and upkeep of the solution on any cloud provider or on-premise. Any changes to the software can be implemented by Solidstudio, your internal IT department or any 3rd party vendor.

our products

Check our products and see for yourself how correctly chosen digital soultions can nourish your EV charging experience.

Our licensed CPO & eMSP software

Financial impact

While licensing comes with a lot of extra benefits, such as full ownership of the solution, the financial impact may be the reason number one as to why many CPOs and eMSPs should consider this business model.


Lowering the cost per socket

Improving competitiveness

Improving competitiveness

Improving EBITDA

Improving EBITDA


Depreciation of license over 5 years

Pricing Model Calculator

In order to better present the financial benefits of licensing and prove how it suits companies which look to scale up, we have released an online tool that allows to calculate the costs. With our calculator, you can enter whichever amount of charging stations you want and the current SaaS costs and it’ll compare it to how it would look like with our license.

Benefits of working with our model


Operational costs reduction


Instant increase in company valuation


Price transparency


Modern technology stack


Fully flexible solution


Possibility to hire a dedicated dev team that will work on your Key Selling Points implementation


Opportunity to add features to improve competitiveness and uniqueness

ISO 270001 Certificate

Believing that our continued dynamic growth requires standardization and a systematic approach, including ensuring information security, we have decided to implement, maintain, and improve an Information Security Management System in accordance with the international standard PN-EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017.

Still looking to get a better view on license? Get our guide!

In our pdf, we uncover the details behind business models for EV charging software solutions. Learn all about currently-standing industry paradigm and see how does SaaS impact the potential growth and why license is a better option for certain types of operators out there.

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