The Economics of Software in eMobility: Financial Strategies & Optimal ROI

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How to maximise ROI with an EMSP app?

12 MARCH 2024 • 5 MIN READ



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While it’s well known that the digital charging ecosystem is a fairly complicated structure with many components, the strong foundation consists of two main types of products - Charge Point Management Systems and eMobility Service Provider Applications. While they’re often used solo by separate entities, considering adding another should come across many operators out there.

This time we’ll look into the possibilities of adding EMSP services and how that can be a smart move for many operators.

However, in order to do that, we must first differentiate the potential scenarios. The most prominent cases are:

  • adding EMSP to existing Charge Point Operators
  • adding EMSP offering to organizations which are not yet focused on EV charging

Introducing EMSP app for CPO

Operating and managing a charging network often requires significant capital investment and a high level of operational excellence. To run a successful charging stations network, companies must prioritize efficient utilization of their charging stations, ensuring they are used to their maximum potential. This involves monitoring and optimizing the usage patterns and managing the infrastructure to meet the demand and satisfy a broad range of EV drivers. Additionally, developing an effective and profitable B2B pricing strategy is crucial. This strategy should include things such as maintenance and other operational expenses.

Furthermore, companies must strategically plan their network expansion to capture new markets and serve more customers. This expansion should be data-driven, considering factors such as potential demand, competition, and the existing transportation infrastructure. Such expansion can i.e. involve an introduction of an EMSP app.

Adding EMSP app to a Charge Point Operator’s line of business - the benefits

  • An increase in charging stations utilization by adding a tool that will promote the network. Choosing an EMSP with features like route planner, operators can gain competitive advantage and improve ROI of their charging stations.
  • The opportunity to test different B2C pricing models, eliminate fees associated with eRoaming hubs and third-party eMobility Service Providers, ultimately leading to increased profit margins.
  • Differentiation from the competitors by introducing innovations like Autocharge or Plug&Charge, AI EV driver assistants or loyalty schemas without waiting for a third party EMSP to catch up
  • Getting qualitative and quantitative data of the EV driver behaviors. With right tools to analyze it, operators may grow their know-how and experience to improve charging stations settings and locations

Introducing EMSP app for non-EV charging businesses

The EV market is not only revolutionizing the automotive industry but is also creating new opportunities for sectors previously unconnected to eMobility. As the demand for electric vehicles increases, various industries that were once peripheral to the automotive sector are now finding synergies with eMobility, exploring how electric vehicles can complement and enhance their existing products and services. This shift is leading to innovative collaborations and expansions in services that cater to the evolving needs of EV owners and enthusiasts.

Business entities with a potential of introducing an EMSP app

There are many business that can consider adding EV charging services to their offering, among them, we can find:

  • Banking apps - a lot of financial institutions already provide options to buy mass communication tickets or pay toll fees. Giving access to public charging networks can be additional services and a way to keep users engaged. Moreover, easy payment system integration is an additional great benefit.
  • Insurance companies - one of the most important things in the communication insurance domain is retention of the customer. By providing the ability to charge their ‘just insured’ EV within their digital platform, insurance companies can keep the interest in the product for a longer time. Moreover, in such a scenario different loyalty schemas can be applied.
  • Utility companies - it is another example of how providing additional services to a company's core offering can make customers more loyal to the company. There is also an important aspect of a well integrated payment system, where utility companies can send a single bill for multiple activities and services.

Choosing the right provider

Selecting the right EMSP software is a critical decision for businesses looking to enter or expand in the electric vehicle (EV) charging market. This choice involves evaluating various factors that will significantly impact the service's success and user experience. There are three primary areas to consider when choosing the right provider: the features available to the EV driver, the business model of the EMSP, and the delivery model of the service. Each of these elements plays a vital role in how effectively an EMSP can meet the needs of both the business and its customers, influencing everything from user engagement to operational efficiency.

  • Features available to the EV driver - apart from the core charging functionality, features like route planning, loyalty programs and AI assistants will differentiate from other EMSPs
  • Business model - standalone, whitelabel EMSP application will not always be the best choice. There are aspects of data ownership, customer ownership, 3rd party risk assessment etc. This is why different business models must be considered - including SaaS, licensing or creating EMSP app from the ground up
  • Delivery model - standalone application vs headless EMSP app, incorporated in digital products. Especially for companies with existing solutions for their clients, adding a new application may be cumbersome for their users. This is where API first EMSP may play important role
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To discuss more about different EMSP business and delivery models please feel free to contact us - with a wide range of successful deliveries of different EMSP we will be happy to help! You can also learn more about our EMSP app here.