Exploring EV Charging Software - the ebook

12 OCTOBER 2023 • 4 MIN READ

Paweł Małkowiak



EV charging software ebook

The topic of software finally becomes an integral part of conversations within the realms of eMobility. This was greatly proved during this year’s ICNC (one of the most prominent EV-related conferences in Europe) where the word “software” has been repeated on a continuous loop including by those, who are not directly involved in the IT businesses on a daily basis.

However, while the awareness grows, there’s still some room for improvement in terms of software acknowledgment and recognition. As the industry continues to evolve and innovate, addressing this gap can pave the way for more robust and efficient solutions in the world of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure.

With such a vision in mind, a while ago I started a series of LinkedIn posts touching upon this subject. As well-received as they were, they quickly became a lengthy piece.

How software powers eMobility?

Software plays a pivotal role in the realm of eMobility, particularly in the operation of charging networks. These networks, especially when equipped with intelligent capabilities, are often referred to as "smart," and this intelligence is largely attributed to the sophisticated backend platforms that facilitate seamless data exchange between electric vehicles, charging stations, and energy providers. Charge Point Operators harness the power of these software solutions to effectively manage entire networks of charging stations from a remote location. This level of control ensures the uninterrupted functionality of charging stations, even during periods of high demand or when encountering minor operational issues. It's through these software-driven systems that the eMobility industry is empowered to provide reliable and efficient charging services to electric vehicle users.

More detailed view on how software powers eMobility can already be found here.

Software in eMobility - the broader perspective

While the answer to the question ‘how’ is relatively obvious for many, a lot more unknowns appear the moment one tries to dig a little deeper into the topic. This is where this ebook steps in with a mission to help some get a better understanding of what really happens in the tech background of EV charging.

In the ebook, I section various important aspects of software within the eMobility industry, including:

  • Why does software matter in the sphere of eMobility?
  • What are the involved entities and what digital solutions they use?
  • What are the biggest challenges in creating EV charging software solutions?
  • What is the role of internal IT depts in EV charging companies?
  • What are the benefits of clear separation between CPO and EMSP products?