Offshore software development company

Expanding a development team is full of challenges. Recruiting is time-consuming and costly. What’s more, it’s often unsuccessful! Companies experiencing rapid growth often not only lack high-quality workforce but procedures that help to deliver new functionalities efficiently.

That’s where Solidstudio comes in. Our nearshore and offshore outsourcing services combine advanced business domain knowledge with the top technical expertise of our team. We use the most innovative technologies to deliver quality to our clients.

Offshore software development company

Offshore software development services

Offshore software development is all about outsourcing tasks to a third-party software agency located in a foreign country. Why are so many companies considering to take advantage of outsourcing? Here are some good reasons:

  • No recruitment troubles - hiring a team provided by a software development company is faster and cheaper than going through the process of sourcing, attracting, and recruiting talented developers on your own.
  • Specific skills and expertise - offshoring to countries with a high level of education in STEM subjects like Poland is a smart move. A high-quality workforce that has excellent skills in one or two specific areas software engineering is a dream come true for any business that needs to add these skills instantly.
  • Cost efficiency- when hiring a software development company from a foreign country, you won’t have to spend time on onboarding, training, administration or team management. Outsourcing companies take good care of their employees and help you to stay competitive by removing many of the operational and administrative costs.
  • Shared responsibility - by teaming up with an offshore company, you’ll get a partner who will share and manage risks during projects just as they would for themselves. After all, the end-result matters to them a lot.

Offshore custom software development

Solidstudio is a one-stop shop for outsourcing software development. We help our clients in areas such as requirements analysis, custom software development, architecture, UI/UX design, QA and testing, maintenance, system administration, and ongoing IT support.

We have ample experience in delivering quality services to clients in projects that span over several years. We not only build custom software but help to maintain it and find new ways to help our clients’ solutions grow.

Offshore outsourcing

We understand that outsourcing an IT project is challenging and have prepared a collaboration process that addresses them effectively. Our offshore software development team always provides all our clients with preliminary estimates and keeps the communication lines open to enable smooth collaboration.

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Outsourcing is on the rise as a global trend in business management. Companies that experience rapid growth often have insufficient in-house resources to take full advantage of their situation and gain new opportunities. Struggling to meet the demands of a growing business, they fail to see the big picture and miss out on their chance to become big.

Expanding development teams is challenging. Fortunately, companies can avoid recruiting new team members by outsourcing a portion of their operations or selected tasks to offshore development companies.

Here’s everything you need to know about offshore software development.

Why is offshore software development so popular?

The primary reason behind the popularity of offshoring is an opportunity for companies to reduce labor cost significantly. That allows business to boost their bottom line - and that’s something important in today’s competitive market.

Companies struggle to source, attract, and recruit talented developers. Companies are competing for local talent and finding developers with the right mix of skills and experience is very hard. Offshoring offers companies a way around that problem - by partnering with a business in a foreign country, they get to expand their talent pool and take advantage of the local workforce that often boasts high technical knowledge and expertise.

Moreover, by teaming up with an offshore technology partner, companies get to cut on operational and administrative expenses such as office, equipment, onboarding, training, team management, and many others.

Key benefits of offshore software development

Here are the most important benefits of offshore software development:

  • Cost savings - in a competitive market, companies can give their bottom line a boost by offshoring tasks and reducing the cost and labor expenses significantly.
  • Lowering operational costs - reduced staffing leads to a significant reduction in space required to carry out operations. It’s no secret that locations with high staffing cost are also characterized by high real estate costs. With offshoring, companies get to save up on space efficiently and save up on office costs (heating, electricity, equipment, etc.).
  • Access to specialized knowledge - businesses that rely on advanced knowledge in a specific area of software development might find it hard to source developers locally. By teaming up with an offshore software development partner, they get to take advantage of local resources without having to go through the burden of recruitment.

How to choose the right tech partner

Since there are thousands of outsourcing companies all over the world, picking the right offshore partner can be challenging.

First, it’s a good idea to decide on the geographical region you’d like to focus on. In the past, Asian countries like India used to hold the reign in offshoring services. Today, the situation is entirely different. Companies are looking for offshore partners who share their values and can communicate with them easily. That’s why Central European countries like Poland are becoming the new offshoring destination.

Once you know which region of the world you’ll be targeting, start asking for referrals. When checking a company, find out who their clients were and ask about their collaboration. Knowing how the company performs in the offshore setting is critical.

Get in touch with several companies to compare their offer. Decide which outsourcing model fit best to your project and see how it matches the offered services. Verify the company: check their blog, social media profiles, and endorsements.

Pay attention to how they manage projects. Excellent project management is key to the success of your offshore collaboration.

If it’s possible, make a test run of a potential partner regarding technical requirements and expertise. Start small and if the company delivers the project to your satisfaction, consider teaming up with them.

Poland - The best country for offshore outsourcing software development?

Poland is becoming an increasingly important IT centre for offshoring and nearshoring software development services. Polish developers have university degrees, ample experience in the field, and plan talent - HackerRank placed Poland in the top 3 countries with the best developers in the world.

Moreover, Polish workers speak English and share similar professional values to Western countries, making them an ideal choice for an offshoring partner.

Are you looking for an experienced software development offshoring partner? Get in touch with us; we help companies all over the world take their business to the next level with our engineering talent.


We build custom made software with technologies we mastered.

Offshore software development company

Offshore custom software engineering

Solidstudio offers a brand range of custom software engineering options that are tailored to the individual needs of our clients. We can provide dedicated offshore development teams that are best suited to meet your goals.

Are you looking for a reliable and experienced offshore technology partner? Get in touch with us and let us know what you need; we’re ready to provide the best software development experts to support your growth.

Hire us to give your business an opportunity to innovate and grow.

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