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23 MAY 2023 • 4 MIN READ

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Geely now owns 17% of the Aston Martin

Geely, the parent company of Volvo and Polestar, has recently acquired a 17% ownership stake in Aston Martin, the renowned British luxury automaker. This significant increase in Geely's stake is a result of a newly established relationship agreement. Previously, Geely held a 7.6% share in Aston Martin. Consequently, Geely now holds the third-largest stake in the company, trailing only Lawrence Stroll and the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund. This development signifies not only Geely's heightened financial investment but also its enhanced involvement in Aston Martin's affairs. In this regard, Geely's CEO, Eric Li, emphasized the exploration of collaborative technological synergies and the pursuit of new growth opportunities as key aspects of this partnership. In addition to the immediate financial benefits, Geely's expanded presence in the Chinese luxury market and its strengthened position in the realm of electrification are the primary advantages it brings to the table. Source

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How Tesla tests their EVs in over 122 degrees

Tesla has released an official video showcasing the rigorous testing of its electric vehicles (EVs) under extreme high-temperature conditions. Published on Tesla's official YouTube channel, the video provides an insight into how the company's field quality engineers assess the durability of the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y in the demanding climate of Dubai and its vicinity. This region experiences scorching temperatures during the summer, frequently surpassing 122 degrees Fahrenheit (50 degrees Celsius) on thermometers. The video highlights Tesla's commitment to conducting comprehensive assessments in both hot and cold weather conditions, as mentioned by one of the engineers featured in the footage. Source

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Gotion unveils world’s first 1,000 km LFP battery

The recently introduced L600 LMFP battery, known as the Astroinno Battery, adopts a lithium iron phosphate chemistry enriched with manganese. The latest cells boast an impressive energy density of 240 Wh/kg or 525 Wh/L and offer robust support for approximately 4,000 charging cycles under room temperature conditions. However, the cycle count reduces to 1,800 cycles when exposed to high temperatures. With the incorporation of the L600 cells, the battery pack achieves a volume utilization of 76% and significantly reduces wiring requirements by approximately 80 meters compared to its predecessor. Structural components witness a remarkable 45% reduction, further contributing to an overall weight reduction of 32%. As a result, the battery pack excels in energy efficiency. As for the availability of these batteries, they are expected to be featured in upcoming Volkswagen models, starting with the ID.7, followed by other electric vehicles within the VW Group. In 2020, the German automaker made a substantial investment of $1.2 billion in Gotion, securing a supply of new batteries for its next-generation SSP platform. Source

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We officially know how BMW i5 will looks like

After an extensive six-year period of anticipation, we are delighted to catch our first glimpse of BMW's inaugural fully electric five series, the i5. Recently, an image of the BMW i5 surfaced on social media, finally unveiling the vehicle's design and front face. The image, shared on Instagram by user liucuny-starandcar, presents a comprehensive view of the i5 in all its glory. BMW has confirmed that the i5 will assume its rightful position within the esteemed German automaker's lineup, positioned between the i4 and the luxurious i7, which was introduced last year. The new model promises to deliver an elevated level of dynamism and comfort, boasting BMW's advanced Operating System 8.5, a sleek curved display reminiscent of the iX electric SUV, and a range of cutting-edge digital services that embody the epitome of modernity. Source

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Tesla gets into advertising through video „Drive To Believe”

Under the title „Drive to Believe”, Tesla has shared a compelling two-minute video on its official Asian Twitter account. This video serves as a testimonial from a satisfied customer in Singapore who shares her purchasing experience and highlights the standout features of the all-electric sedan, the Model 3. The release of this video marks an initial stride toward the direction indicated by Tesla CEO Elon Musk during the recent shareholders meeting in Texas. Musk, on the spur of the moment, expressed his intention to  „try a little advertising and see how it goes” in response to an investor's question. In a subsequent interview with CNBC, Musk emphasized his openness to suggestions and stressed the importance of truthful and visually appealing advertisements. Source