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Electric vehicles news 10-24 February

Tesla superchargers now also for other EVs!

The White House is teaming up with Tesla to create a greener future. 7,500 Tesla’s charging stations will be available to all electric vehicles (EVs) by 2024 across the country. With this new commitment to add 3,500 of both superchargers and level 2 destination chargers across the country, it promises to make EV travel much easier for Tesla-users and non-Tesla-users alike. It's encouraging that Tesla is also planning to double its network of superchargers. Over 3 million electric vehicles (EVs) and 60,000 charging stations are now in use in the US. President Joe Biden said that cooperation with Tesla it a „huge thing” and will „make a tremendous impact.Source

MINI Cooper with quite an announcement

In 2025, drivers will be able to hit the open road with style in their MINI Cooper SE Convertible. As a result of the positive response to the one-of-a-kind specimen unveiled in the summer of 2022, MINI is now moving forward with a small run of the all-electric MINI Cooper SE Convertible. Here are some technical details: power consumption combined: 17.2 kWh/100 km according to WLTP; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km. It’s the world's first locally emission-free luxury convertible in the small vehicle sector. Cars will be available in Europe in a limited number of 999 vehicles. Source

New state joining the ban of new ICE cars sales

New York, California, and the European Union are ending new gas vehicle sales by 2035. Now, New Jersey joins this list. Philip Murphy (Governor of New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection) said: „These are the next big steps forward. By the year 2035, the new cars sold in New Jersey will all, and I emphasize all, be zero-emission vehicles.” Also, the state will invest $70 million in additional grant money to promote the use of medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles. Source

Cadillac's electric plans for the future

Cadillac's EV debut is off to an iconic start, selling out its first all-electric car in a mere 19 minutes (in May 2022). Cadillac will introduce three new EVs by 2024, not including the $300,000 hand-built, premium luxury Celestiq scheduled to go on sale in December. All models of a vehicle will have an extra-paid upgrade from an estimated 340 horsepower on the rear-wheel drive variant to around 500 horsepower. CEO Rory Harvey stated that they „will be leaving this decade as an EV brand.” Source

EV charging stations to be funded by The White House

On Wednesday, the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Biden administration outlined a set of specifications for charging hardware for any business wishing to receive federal funding. The White House announcement rightfully points out about installation, operation, or maintenance of EV charging stations. It also applies to disparities exist among EV charging stations in key areas (connector types, payment methods, data privacy, speed and power of chargers, reliability) and the overall user experience. All 50 states, Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico's EV chargers that receive federal funding, including those supported by the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI), will be subject to the new national requirements. Source