Map Providers: Driving the eMobility Revolution

22 JANUARY 2024 • 5 MIN READ



map providers

Electric Vehicle adoption is surging. Amidst this change in global transportation, eMobility Service Providers are the key players, building communities and fostering brand identities for Charge Point Operators. While their roles are being constantly more recognized, beneath the surface, map providers play just as important but often underrated parts in the building of a future for the EV ecosystem.

Demand for EVs, while increasing, still comes with the persistent challenge of range anxiety. Map providers can often alleviate this concern by offering real-time data on charging station locations in close neighborhoods or during a lengthy trip. With the use of advanced algorithms, they can enable drivers to confidently plan routes or show chargers availability. This is a crucial factor in making the driver more confident, reducing the range anxiety.

Fresh look at electrified traveling

Map providers can also shape the perception of eMobility. By enhancing drivers' ability to visualize charging points on maps, they can accelerate EV adoption rates. This visualization becomes a key factor influencing societal perceptions and preferences toward more sustainable transportation. By visually showcasing a network of charging stations on maps, individuals can see the extensive infrastructure available, alleviating concerns about limited range and enabling more extended journeys. This also applies to the early stages of planning a trip, as the ability to visualize charging points along routes simplifies preparations and demonstrates the feasibility of EVs for various travel needs. Seeing a clear path with strategically located charging stations reassures the drivers that EVs can meet their transportation requirements without compromising convenience.

Mutually beneficial collaboration

Another point worth to be made is about the place people use maps the most - the cars themselves. Integration of map provider services into the systems of car manufacturers not only improves vehicles’ attractiveness, but it also works great for the progression of eMobility. Such integrations can often streamline the navigation experience and provide route adjustments in response to real-time conditions. With such a cross-branch collaboration, both car manufacturers and  eMobility services can fully benefit.

Highlighting Economic Incentives and Environmental Impact

Maps can incorporate visual cues related to economic incentives, such as tax credits, rebates, and reduced operational costs associated with EV ownership. By illustrating potential savings and financial benefits through visual representations, individuals can better evaluate the long-term value proposition of choosing an EV. Such visualizations can also emphasize the environmental impact of EVs through reduced emissions, energy efficiency, and sustainability metrics that resonate with eco-conscious individuals. By highlighting the broader societal benefits and environmental stewardship associated with EV adoption, maps can appeal to individuals' sense of responsibility and drive.

Advanced business opportunities

In certain instances, map providers transition into Electric Mobility Service Providers, offering a system where drivers can unlock and pay for charging directly from their car seats.

Envision an EV journey with a map service while helping find the best routes and overseeing your entire charging experience. As you approach a charging station, the integrated system guides you effortlessly to an available point. No more app navigation—simply plug in, authenticate through the in-car infotainment, and charging initiates.

Take it a step further and consider the integration of plug&charge into the map provider's system. Arrive at a charging station, plug in, and the map provider, now an eMobility Service Provider, manages the entire transaction, from authentication to payment. The whole charging process becomes as simple as plugging the car in. Nothing more!

While there’s no question that eMobility Service Providers remain the driving force behind mass EV adoption by being the customer-facing side that creates and holds the driving community together, map providers certainly have a role to play. With the ability to shape the way many people view travelling by EVs, they can contribute to reducing range anxiety and thus, produce more customers for eMSPs.