Software house in Poland.

As companies start to consider new outsourcing options such as nearshoring, the eyes of the tech industry have turned to Central Europe. Poland is now considered one of the top countries when it comes to software development. The mature tech ecosystem, excellent education and well-developed skill sets of Polish developers have landed the country the prestigious third position in the global ranking of developers.

By entrusting your project to the hands of highly-skilled Polish developers, companies can maximize the value of the resources they dedicate to development.

Software house in Poland

Why look for a software house in Poland?

There are many reasons why Poland is an excellent country to find a tech team:

  • Timezone - Poland is located in the heart of Europe, with only 1 hour of time difference for London, and 6 for New York City. The geographical proximity is a massive advantage in managing development projects.
  • Quality - Polish developers usually have graduate degrees in Computer Science and know how to use that knowledge in practice. They test their skills in many different contexts - working for large, medium, and small companies, participating in hackathons, and taking advantage of the many learning programs and workshops available in major Polish cities. They’re dedicated and hard-working - a massive asset for any project.
  • Culture - Poland is a European country, and the working culture is very similar to Western Europe. Communication isn’t a problem because most developers speak English. There are no unexpected cultural rules or holidays that could disrupt the development process.
  • Process - Polish developers are well-versed in industry standards and best practices that ensure a smooth and efficient development process such as the agile methodology, lean development, build-measure-learn model, and many other innovative approaches to developing software.

Solidstudio - a software house in Poland.

We take advantage of the local talent pool to hire developers with high technical skills and excellent command of English. Our teams are composed of seasoned professionals who have tested their skills on the battlefield and have considerable practical knowledge of how to run a project from the beginning to end - choosing the best technologies, architecture, and solutions. Over the years, we have developed battle-tested processes based on standard industry practices such as agile or lean development. We believe that all of that makes us an excellent tech partner for companies looking to build amazing software efficiently.



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Software house in Poland

Software house in Poland.

At Solidstudio, we have a lot of experience in working with companies from countries such as Germany and the UK. We have delivered projects to a broad range of organisations and have an excellent track record in international collaborations.

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