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To survive and thrive on the current market, organisations need to jump on the wave of digital transformation. It doesn’t matter which industry you operate in - you need software to become part of the core of your business strategy.

At Solidstudio, we help companies build, maintain, and modernise enterprise software to match the demands of their industries. We offer a broad range of software development services to create both customer-facing and internal applications.

Software development company

Software development

“Every business is a software business.” It’s hard to believe, but Watts S. Humphrey, the father of quality in software, said that two decades ago. He was a real visionary because his words today are more accurate than ever.

Companies that operate in sectors as diverse as retail, manufacturing, or finance, all have one thing in common - they need quality software to empower their employees, create meaningful relationships with customer, make smarter decisions, and drive their growth.

There are many prepackaged software solutions on the market that promise to fulfill every possible business need or help achieve the most critical business objectives. But in reality, these are often overblown marketing claims. The best way to support your business with software is reaching out to a professional software development company to launch a custom software development project.

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Choosing the right software development company for creating a business application can be challenging. After all, the market is full of diverse software providers - and organisations can find even cheaper and more convenient options if they decide to team up with an offshore partner.

When choosing the development team to realize your project, it’s best to take these factors into account:

  • Experience - is the company experienced and has delivered some projects successfully? Check the case studies section of the company’s website and ask for client references. Look the company up on platforms like >> that feature reliable reviews of their software development services.
  • Expertise - does the company include experts in technologies you seek? Software development takes on many different forms, and it’s essential to match the requirements of your project with the right technology. Your tech partner needs to have the expertise to do that and also be proficient in the technologies you choose.
  • Domain knowledge - it’s smart to pick a software development company that has realized projects for clients in your industry. The development team will have a better idea about your business challenges and will create software that support your operations efficiently.

Software development company

Software development - software house

At Solidstudio, we believe that the right software can make or break a business. It’s not only about solving a business problem or achieving a goal, but also creating a business model that matches the demands of the current economy.

Today, businesses need to be agile and quickly respond to market changes. Only the right software can build the foundation for that agility.

Hire us to give your business an opportunity to innovate and grow.

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