SaaS application development

SaaS application development

Solidstudio Software House delivered a superior product that satisfies internal stakeholders and offers a seamless experience to users.

Product Manager, ChannelBytes

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SaaS offers many advantages over the traditional models of software installation for businesses. Here are a few of the most critical SaaS benefits for organizations:


Flexibility and scalability

Organizations can only be successful if they’re able to quickly respond to market changes and accommodate them in their operations. SaaS applications are flexible and can quickly change together with business requirements. It’s easy to add components, integrate other systems or get new users. A SaaS tool evolves along with the business.



Deploying a business application is a challenging task. But cloud-based applications deploy faster and successfully reduce the administration and installation efforts that are usually part of such implementations. Quick development and deployment of SaaS solutions also give your business a competitive edge and the ability to speed up business benefits. Business teams can use new features instantly to make informed business decisions.


Easy upgrades

Traditional applications generate massive expenses related to upgrades. With SaaS, incremental updates are rolled out all the time using an internet connection. These improvements happen in the background, without affecting the functionality or security. The lower infrastructure and maintenance costs are a huge advantage here.


Top performance

An organization can deploy a cloud-based system across many regions at the same time, avoiding the extra costs associated with additional rollouts. SaaS applications offer optimal performance adjusted to the changing needs of the business. For example, a company can add more users as it expands without giving hardware infrastructure a second thought. Cloud-based applications ensure that maximum network performance is adapted to unique business requirements.

We don't like to brag, but when we do, it's because crafting with us is superb!

They stepped up and provided recommendations based on what was best for our business. Their team understood our business use cases and filled in our knowledge gaps.
Lindsay Sayre, Product Manager
The amount of work that their 2–3 developers completed over the course of the year was significantly more than would be produced by local teams of 2–12 people. (...) the quality of their team’s extremely high
Grand Vision
Benoit Lamairesse, Directior Data & Analytics
What’s so interesting about Solidstudio Software House is that they don’t really have junior developers. Instead, they’ve assigned two senior people and a lead.
Edwyn van Rooyen, CEO
Their level of professionalism is extremely high. Solidstudio Software House requires less oversight than many of the other vendors we've worked with.
Connect your care
Mitchell Maddox, Managing partner

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