Java development outsourcing

Java is a multi-platform programming language used in a variety of industries to build IT products. Implementing, maintaining and supporting these applications requires a dedicated IT department. Needs, however, can change. A sufficient number of developers one day, may not be enough for the next. Accordingly, as needs can grow, they can also decrease.

As a Java outsourcing company, we can provide you with a harmonious team that has a long history of successful deliveries. As requirements are different in each project, we can provide a team that is tailored to your needs.

Java outsourcing

Java outsourcing services

The most important part of having a great team of Java developers for outsourcing services is the recruitment process. In Solidstudio we believe that a candidate must not only have a perfect understanding of Java, but also of architecture and quality. As technical skills are not the only criteria, all our developers must have the ability to focus on things that are important from a business perspective. We make sure they are empowered to take the right actions to deliver the right product.

Java development outsourcing

Building Java applications is not an easy thing to do. Each client's niche is sophisticated and requires time and effort to understand it. As a Java development outsourcing company, we encourage, and sometimes insist, that our developers follow rules and guidelines to implement solutions on time and with the highest quality:

  • Agile - we are agile and believe agile development is the perfect way to work with clients. Future problems can be identified early, potential risks can be spotted and developers can keep their focus on the target.
  • Extreme programming - developers must follow simple, yet well-established rules to make sure the code they deliver is of high quality. Pair programming, test driven development, continuous integration and small releases are not empty phrases at Solidstudio.
  • Code review - we pay a lot of attention to feedback and code reviews are the perfect place to start. Meaningful reviews can benefit both the project and the developer to keep quality high and improve skills.



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Java outsourcing

Java development outsourcing services

We build IT solutions in Java, a technology we have mastered. Having experienced and passionate developers on board allows us to implement products with pace and high quality. As Java is a universal platform and has great frameworks associated with it, we can deliver products that include, but are not limited to:

  • Enterprise Applications - even the most sophisticated niche can easily be mapped to a working application using Java.
  • CRM&ERP - custom solutions are the perfect product for a Java development outsourcing company.
  • Cloud Applications - all cloud providers have a great integration layer with Java based applications. When working with cloud providers a Java application is the best choice.

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