Internet of Things development

We are on the cusp of a connectivity revolution caused by the Internet of Things (IoT). This innovative technology connects our everyday products or machines to the internet, allowing them to process data and connect with other devices - opening up new possibilities to countless businesses.

The IoT market is growing and quickly becoming a must-have for companies that want to add digital presence to their services or products. At Solidstudio, we help them maximize the potential of IoT for their businesses by building software that manages this complex connection.

Internet of Things development

Internet of Things software house

Organisations can benefit a lot from launching IoT as part of their operations. However, while IoT opens many doors, it also involves security problems. Building complex IoT applications is often more challenging than other types of software project because of these connectivity and security issues.

In particular, IoT devices have a security vulnerability that can compromise other connected devices, as well as the entire system. That’s why organisations that aim to implement IoT in their strategy need to partner with an expert software development company that can minimize the security risks of IoT.

The core issue of IoT systems is the massive amount of data they need to process which is crucial to the success of an IoT implementation.In our experience, creating IoT apps requires a fair amount of careful planning and consideration of different technical aspects.

Internet of Things software development.

Our team of experts has a lot of practical expertise in IoT as well as in-depth theoretical knowledge, the combination of which allows us delivering IoT consulting services to our clients.

We help our clients find the best ways to apply this innovative technology, so it serves their business goals. During our initial technical and functional consulting sessions, we clarify requirements and offer preliminary estimations for IoT development. Doing that, we take many different factors into account, from project goals and end-user need to market demands and business environment.

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Internet of Things development

IoT development services

We offer the following services as part of IoT software development:

  • Mobile & desktop IoT application development
  • Web-based IoT application development
  • Data processing applications
  • 3rd-party services integration

We identify the technology stack and architectural solutions that reduce time to market for IoT products and keep expenses within the set budget. Our IoT team and well-structured project management will help you stay ahead of your competition by implementing this cutting-edge technology. Hire us to take your business to the next level with IoT technologies.

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