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All industries are changing, but the changes within financial software are considerably rapid. New products and startups are coming into play with new solutions and ideas. It is forcing companies to invest in financial software technology to scale their business, gain new markets and improve current stack.

We are a FinTech development company and we know that quality is the most important criteria. As no company can afford financial or reputational losses, we build our solutions with the highest standards, quality and processes to ensure your safety. We do not stop working once implementation is finished and we are there for our clients throughout maintenance, audits, penetration tests and support.

Fintech development company

FinTech software house

FinTech is a new area which is experiencing rapid growth. The main issue here is money and everything around it, so all processes must be integrated with the highest quality and standards. Well-designed procedures for implementation, management and maintenance will save time, money and reputation. We are here to build them for you.

FinTech development company

We are agile and we strongly believe that agile is the best way to build your FinTech product. We want to build solid partnerships and our process involves:

  • Understanding - we want to know who you are and what your business is. As soon as we understand it, we can go and draft a plan: what is needed, which technologies will suit you best, how big the team should be.
  • Lean development - during FinTech development, we embrace principles like eliminate waste, build quality in and optimise the whole to deliver on time and within budget.
  • Continuous development - using CD in an agile environment gives us the edge; self-organised, cross-functional teams are committed to delivering working software in short iterations; it allows the clients, and us, to see where we are and what is needed to achieve the end product.

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Outsourcing FinTech software

Smart FinTech companies know that keeping financial technology in-house may hurt their chances of success. That’s especially true for advanced areas that evolve at an increasing pace - like technology in the banking sector.

In a world driven by tech innovation, building financial technology in-house is not 100% efficient. Instead, FinTech startups and well-established companies outsource FinTech development because it’s cost-effective, scalable, and efficient in terms of resource use.

Developing FinTech solutions in-house comes with costs such as payroll and benefits, hardware, and extra office space, as well as increases in administrative fees. The costs associated with changes to infrastructure and business processes rise as well. By outsourcing the entire development process, companies can save their resources and dedicate them to other aspects of their operation.

Another critical benefit of outsourcing FinTech is faster time to market. Software development agencies that specialize in FinTech have higher expertise and more specialized employees. Software outsourcing companies implement industry best practices and accelerate the development speed with pre-built APIs, frameworks, and industry-specific libraries.

Hire FinTech app developers

Outsourcing the development of financial services technology might seem tricky, but if you pick the right partner, the agency will bring your FinTech project faster to your key business objectives. Successful FinTech companies outsource most of their technology instead of building it all from scratch.

Moreover, companies that use outsourced FinTech software services can quickly adapt to the changing technology landscape and stay ahead of the competition. And that’s essential if they want to survive in such a disruptive and innovative sector.

Fintech development company

FinTech application development company

We design, plan and implement solutions that will allow you to scale, gain new markets and compete with other companies. As a FinTech application development company, we can be your partner in:

  • Investment solutions
  • Trading platforms
  • Risk Management systems

When FinTech products are implemented, it is extremely important to build mutual trust and respect. Solidstudio will do its best to fit in with your company culture and demonstrate that your product is in good hands.

Are you looking for expert FinTech app development services? Get in touch with us and let our software developers use their expertise to help you build your product.

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