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Organisations are no longer in the position to use traditional ERP systems. To survive, they need to be agile and quickly respond to the changing customer needs. And only custom-made, cloud-based solutions can deliver that.

Upgrades are inevitable, and smart CEOs or CIOs will be choosing between prepackaged solutions and custom-made ERPs. If you’re considering an on-premises solution, note that you may fall victim to overstated marketing promises and end up with a system that is ill-fitting, experiences support lags, and causes overall lack of satisfaction among the staff. Old-fashioned ERPs are rigid and may demand that you organize your team workflows to match the software.

ERP development company

Custom ERP software development

That’s where custom ERP development comes in. To gain a competitive edge, organisations turn to software development companies to help them create enterprise resource planning systems based on cutting-edge technologies that are rapidly taking over across various industries.

At Solidstudio, we believe that new ERP solutions need to be flexible and self-contained to allow quick changes the current economy demands from organisations. We believe that the best ERP’s comprise technologies such as the cloud for its scalability and cost-efficiency, IoT for smoother integration between devices, database consolidation to help businesses harness to insights locked in data they generate, and AI to boost Big Data processing and predictive analytics.

ERP software development company

When purchasing an off-the-shelf ERP solution, organisation often experience significant costs that come with implementation and customization. There exist no prepackaged ERP solutions that match an organisation’s needs perfectly - and their customization can be challenging and time-consuming.

Moreover, custom ERPs are able to evolve together with the company, addressing its needs at every step of the way. A rigid prepackaged solution will have to be adapted every time an organisation hits a milestone or a critical market factor changes - and in many cases, introducing such meaningful changes won’t even be possible.

Building a custom ERP solution may appear more costly at the outset, but it can unlock many benefits to businesses over time and ultimately provide a high ROI.

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Every organization out there has one objective: growth. It means increasing revenue, rising above the competition, and gaining recognition as an industry leader. To accomplish that, businesses look into technological solutions that boost their operational efficiency. One of such tools is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system which helps companies allocate their resources accurately to become more productive.

Many ERP systems are custom-made to match the unique requirements of organizations and bring them optimal value. That's why companies often need specialized ERP developers who could help them maintain and grow their ERP solutions.

Our ERP developers are experienced in building, developing, and managing complex ERP systems that help to consolidate different parts of business operations. We provide our clients with expert ERP consultancy to help them decide on the best implementation approach.

ERP development company

ERP application development

We design custom ERP software to fit your workflow perfectly. You won’t have to adapt your business processes to software or spend extra resources training your employees. A custom solution can be easily integrated into a broader set of applications and databases your organisation uses every day.

Organisations have complex structures, and different departments often rely on various tools because their planning and reporting needs are diverse. With a custom-made ERP, you’ll create one comprehensive platform for your staff to use, instead of trying to navigate between multiple programs. By teaming up with our experts, you’ll get a quality, custom-made solution tailored to the individual needs of your organisation.

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