Software solutions for Charge Point Operators

Crafted developments driving cross-border interoperability


We can support your growth by developing:


Secure charging infrastructure


Core platform: CDR processing, charging station management


Payment, billing, andsettlement solutions


Customized infrastructure


Integration with open standards

Managing EV Charging Software Network

Among widely provided solutions, Charge Point Operators need solid tech power to drive an accessible, open, and flourishing service. Maintaining a stable network and ensuring easy adaptation to market requirements demands highly tailored software. As an experienced e-mobility partner, we can help you unlock opportunities by:

building a secure and stable charging service platform

adapting generally used standards (OCPI, OICP, OCPP)

consulting the best resolutions


Why open standards matter for Charge Point Operators?

Standardization for interoperability is the next big step supported by the authorities, EV foundations, and industry. Enabling smart charging, implementing a contactless experience, and providing a secure and accessible infrastructure can be achieved with open standards. To render an open network and provide e-roaming with OCPP, OICP and OCPI is in the best interest of all market players.

At Solidstudio we know that time is everything. This is why we gathered what we know, shared the best insights and practices to develop ready-to-integrate components. Our tested modules - OCPP Gateway & OCPP Virtual Charge Point - facilitate the standard implementation and update.

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Why choose Solidstudio?

The growing e-mobility market needs reliable tech support.

We partner eMSPs and CPOs with smooth integration of open standards to enable scaling, product & custom software development to make sure they will operate with no tech disruption. Following the rapid growth of the market, we stay up-to-date with recent updates and new releases.

Knowing the matter of time & resources we strive to facilitate integration with commonly applied open standards. This is why we developed ready-to-integrate modules. We are a proud member of EVRoaming Foundation. To learn more about the e-mobility market visit our blog, resources tab, or fill the contact form to schedule individual consultation.


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