Custom software development

Build customized solutions with prospective software development agency

Build customized solutions

Their dependability and speed are significantly better than what I’ve been able to observe with other providers.

Benoit Lamairesse, Director Data & Analytics @ Grand Vision

We provide:

Tech partnership to startups and businesses

Tech partnership to startups and businesses

Development of custom software and the best digital strategies recommendation to help precisely respond to the market and customer needs.

Complete end-to-end solutions

Complete end-to-end solutions

From consultation through service-level agreement contracts to development and maintenance. All this because Your performance is our performance.

Quality that drives your business

Quality that drives your business

The primary aim of custom software is a business improvement to run smoothly. We provide the best scalable tech quality that will help you reach for more.

What can we custom together?


Product development

By applying empathy and knowledge, examining customers’ habits, behaviors, and needs we will help you successfully specify and develop your product. With end-user needs in mind, we build a proof of concept, MVP, and deliver a beautifully designed final product to fill your users’ needs. With updated technology, we will free your idea to run undisturbed.


Cloud-based application

Cloud applications can open new possibilities, such as reaching new customers or improving system access for internal use. Cloud apps run combined with web browsers and APIs. Its servers are usually located in a remote data center operated by an external cloud infrastructure provider. With AWS certified architects we can leverage the power of cloud computing for your benefits.



Light-weight custom solution, build with careful validation of your internal processes. Tailored development of only required features, third party integrations, and easy extension when needed. All to help you manage ongoing operations and tasks.


Product Design

From prototype to the final interface design. With business strategy, usability & scalability aspects, multiple platforms & devices taken into account. Our sophisticated design knowledge helps to build a competitive advantage and support the project's visuals and usability.



We will redefine your Software as a Service idea according to the best IT practices and recommend a delivery plan.

Technologies we focus on

Why choose Solidstudio?

The world is driven by technology. We partner brands in launch, growth, and development in a rapidly changing market.

The world is driven by technology. We partner brands in launch, growth, and development in a rapidly changing market. With our expertise, we provide not only competitive advantage and innovation, but also a transparent partnership. We support strategic processes and long-term visions. As a software development agency, we deliver complex tech services matched to your specific needs and integration with your existing IT infrastructure.


awesome team members


years of contributing to eMobility sector

custom software development

We don't like to brag, but when we do, it's because crafting with us is superb!

They stepped up and provided recommendations based on what was best for our business. Their team understood our business use cases and filled in our knowledge gaps.
Lindsay Sayre, Product Manager
The amount of work that their 2–3 developers completed over the course of the year was significantly more than would be produced by local teams of 2–12 people. (...) the quality of their team’s extremely high
Grand Vision
Benoit Lamairesse, Directior Data & Analytics
What’s so interesting about Solidstudio Software House is that they don’t really have junior developers. Instead, they’ve assigned two senior people and a lead.
Edwyn van Rooyen, CEO
Their level of professionalism is extremely high. Solidstudio Software House requires less oversight than many of the other vendors we've worked with.
Connect your care
Mitchell Maddox, Managing partner

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