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Organisations invest in customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to streamline their customer-centric processes and boost profitability in sales and marketing. A well-designed CRM solution is a platform where employees get everything they need to build, improve and retain customer relationships.

Companies that don’t invest in an integrated CRM solution may miss out on growth opportunities and fail to maximize business relationships.

At Solidstudio, we deliver complete CRM solutions that allow to log and track customer interactions to a 360° view on the company’s relationship with their customer base.

CRM development company

Custom CRM development services

CRM tools simplify customer-facing functions as they centralize customer information, automate marketing interactions, offer business intelligence (BI), make communication easier, track opportunities and analyse massive amounts of data to generate comprehensive reports.

We believe that developing a robust CRM solution holds the key to business growth. After all, every company develops a complicated relationship with its customers that spans over marketing campaigns, customer services, sales initiatives, and many more. We help organisations to centralise all this data and enable employees to make the most of every single customer interaction by equipping them with actionable insights.

CRM development company

We partner with companies looking to boost revenue and improve their customer relationships by offering them expertise in creating robust CRM software. Our solutions help to increase their business efficiency, distribute the customer-related workload effectively, boost ROI and profit margins, and attract new customers while retaining the existing ones.

Our teams of experts have extensive knowledge about what makes CRM systems successful and can combine it with in-depth insights into the unique needs of our clients. That’s how we make sure that every CRM solution we develop is a perfect fit.

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Cost of custom CRM development

If you're considering to implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system at your company, you probably know that such solutions come out-of-the-box or are built through custom development.

There's no denying that building a custom CRM system incurs high initial costs. The expenses involved in developing a CRM system change according to its scope and the requirements for the first build. Companies invest in custom CRM solutions because they know that their investment will be spread over a longer time.

Most out-of-the-box CRM solutions are priced per user. The larger your team becomes, the more you'll have to pay on a requiring basis. Also, your organization may need additional features and custom modules. Unlocking them will require even higher monthly payments that will take a toll on your business.

Would you like to learn more about the cost of developing a custom CRM solution? Get in touch with us and describe your requirements to get an approximate quote.

Hire CRM app developers

Building a CRM solution requires significant expertise and knowledge. Our software developers have completed similar projects for our clients operating in different industries. They know how to develop a CRM system that addresses the unique requirements of the company investing in such a tool.

By teaming up with Solidstudio Software House, you'll gain access to essential skills and experience in building custom CRM solutions.

Are you looking for a team of expert software engineers to build a CRM system for your company? Reach out to us; we have helped multiple clients increase their operational efficiency with custom tools tailored to their individual needs.

CRM development company

CRM application development company

We initiate a CRM application development by holding an extensive workshop where we discuss your needs, preferences, and requirements. Once we learn more about the problems you would like your CRM solution to solve, we will suggest the right combination of tools and technologies to make that happen.

Our custom CRM development services team will show you what type of CRM web application would bring you most benefits and deliver within the set time frame and budget.

We develop cloud-based software, as well as native mobile applications. Our process ensures full transparency - our clients are always aware of the development’s progress, methodology, and cost.

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