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Sometimes an off-the-shelf software solution just doesn't match business goals or promise to solve a problem efficiently. That’s when companies turn to software development companies that offer IT consulting services and create custom solutions from scratch.

At Solidstudio, we believe that IT solutions should perfectly match industry demands, as well as specific organisational objectives or issues. That’s why we offer IT consulting services that aim to help our clients get the best possible software solution - one that enables growth and realization of key business objectives.

IT consulting company

IT consultants

When hiring IT consultants, organisations should pay attention to several things that determine the quality and relevance of provided consulting services. In particular, they should look at:

  • Level of technical expertise - finding a tech partner for an IT consulting project can be challenging. That’s why it’s critical to pick a company that specializes in a broad range of technologies and approaches that might be a good pick for a given project. It’s also important to assess the level of expertise presented by the company such as realized projects in the form of case studies and contributions to open source or presence at industry events.
  • Domain knowledge - an IT consulting project requires having experts on board who have previously realized projects in the same or similar sector. Domain knowledge is a critical factor in such collaborations because it allows developers to truly understand the needs and requirements of the client in the context of the industry demands.
  • Soft skills - lack of skills such as team collaboration or communication can break a project down, even if a team is composed of the most talented developers on the planet. At Soldstudio, we take extra care to ensure that our development teams have the soft skills to make them successful - excellent command of English, ability to work in teams efficiently, and creative thinking that allows developing truly innovative solutions.

IT consulting services

Solidstudio offers IT consulting services to companies that are looking for a tech partner to help them navigate the world of technology and choose the best combination of tools and language for their custom-made solution.

Our development teams have ample experience in analysing problems and providing solutions to a vast range of organisations: from startups to small- and mid-size businesses and large enterprises.

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We build custom made software with technologies we mastered.

IT consulting company

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Our team of experts is well-versed in many programming technologies and approaches. This extensive knowledge combined with years of experience in collaborating with different clients ensures the high quality of delivered work.

When delivering IT consulting projects, we take extra care to assess the needs and requirements of our clients. A thorough analysis carried out right at the beginning ensures a smooth cooperation and excellent results.

Hire us to help your business grow with dedicated solutions and technological advancements.

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