Cloud applications development

Cloud applications development

Solidstudio Software House delivered a superior product that satisfies internal stakeholders and offers a seamless experience to users.

Product Manager, ChannelBytes

Cloud applications development

Looking at cloud application development from a number of different angles, we can build partnerships that help you when it comes to:


Services management

Our main cloud services provider is Amazon Web Service; we manage applications deployed to AWS using these services: ECS, RDS, EC2, Athena, S3, ELB and others. Documentation and product support processes are included as integral parts of development.


Legacy system migration

Not all applications are ready to go into the cloud. As a cloud applications development company, we can guide you through the process of legacy system migration and adjust your current implementation to become a cloud-based, scalable, distributed system.


Serverless development

Utilising the best of cloud computing we can build your system as a serverless application. Out of the box benefits like scalability, pay-per-usage and minimum configuration are in place to speed up your application's launch.

We don't like to brag, but when we do, it's because crafting with us is superb!

They stepped up and provided recommendations based on what was best for our business. Their team understood our business use cases and filled in our knowledge gaps.
Lindsay Sayre, Product Manager
The amount of work that their 2–3 developers completed over the course of the year was significantly more than would be produced by local teams of 2–12 people. (...) the quality of their team’s extremely high
Grand Vision
Benoit Lamairesse, Directior Data & Analytics
What’s so interesting about Solidstudio Software House is that they don’t really have junior developers. Instead, they’ve assigned two senior people and a lead.
Edwyn van Rooyen, CEO
Their level of professionalism is extremely high. Solidstudio Software House requires less oversight than many of the other vendors we've worked with.
Connect your care
Mitchell Maddox, Managing partner

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