Node.js, React, Serverless framework, GitLab, GitLab Ci/CD, AWS (Lambda functions, RDS, S3)


04.2019 - present

Building a web-based application for a UK company.

Our client is a UK-based company operating in the health and wellness sector. Our team has developed a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to help the client validate their product idea on the target market: a web-based application dedicated to tracking and improving wellbeing. We have supported T-Cup at every step of the way, from planning, workshops and backlog development, through implementation, to hosting and support.


Our client was looking for an experienced development team that would help bring his product to life. The application would gather information from users by allowing them to fill out forms, generate a result, and then offer personalized wellbeing tips. The client designed the product to work as both B2C and B2B, the latter helping organisations to track the wellbeing of their employees and get insight into the overall level of satisfaction while ensuring full data privacy.


Our client outsourced the entire process to our team. We started by carrying out a workshop to better understand the company’s needs. Our team then proceeded with backlog development and feature priority, to enter the implementation phase, which is still ongoing. We’re also responsible for the application’s hosting, maintenance, and support. The application is hosted on AWS Cloud and takes advantage of a serverless framework (Lambda) that enables rapid development.


  • Working application prototype delivered within 6 weeks.
  • Full release planned following 4 months of work.
  • Team of 5: a business development specialist and 4 full-stack developers.