Connect Your Care


JavaEE, JBoss, Spring, Hibernate, Oracle, AWS, Redshift, CI/CD


06.2019 - present

Dedicated development team for a US-based health-care company

ConnectYourCare is an American organization that provides consumer-directed health care plans (CDHPs) for Blue chip companies in the US. Consumers can access CDHPs with underlying health plans that cover health expenses and healthcare accounts. To develop its customer portal, the company was looking for expert software engineers. We quickly built a small team of full-stack developers to deliver the critical portal functionalities.


ConnectYourCare intended to hire an expert software development team that would help to build new apps and migrate existing customer portal. The portal, available at, allows managing CDHP accounts directly from the browser. User can request payments for medical services, see the amounts of funds located on different accounts, and access the full expense history. The system also settles payment transactions and handles financial transfers.


We partnered with the client to set up a team of six software developers. They're responsible for developing the existing product by adding new functionalities. Our team is also preparing and executing a plan for migrating the platform to new technologies and applying architectural changes.


  • Successful remote collaboration (7h time difference)
  • Expert dedicated team
  • Continuous technical improvement of the platform