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Java 8, SpringBoot, Spring Security, DynamoDB, AWS, OVH, Jenkins, CI/CD, Swagger


07.2018 - present

We are responsible for the migration, development, and maintenance of a sophisticated ERP application that enables the company to grow and deliver excellent service.


The client approached us with a partially-completed application that contained a lot of bugs and had no documentation. Moreover, the deployment process was carried out manually and the application had never been tested. We stepped in to help our client deal with these problems and bring the app to market.


The core features of the application include: booking, car transfers, logistics, and trip management. We are in charge of migrating the platform to Amazon Web Services, maintenance, and developing new features such as payments, a messaging system for the drivers, and a new booking system.


  • Application migrated to Amazon Web Services.
  • Building of deployment pipelines.
  • Several levels of tests (units, integrations, e2e).
  • New user interface design and implementation.